Need help with deciding what to read

So… this is a weird question. Probably hard to answer as well.

I have read comics for years. With the large selection of comic titles available for streaming, being able to just sit down and choose a comic to read has never been easy. It might just be a personal difficulty of natural indecisiveness, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem.

I know about all of the “Essential comics to read before you die” articles, but those are just more lists of titles I have to choose from to read first. They all seem so good!

I would really appreciate any suggestion on strategies to tackle this problem.


Hi, Monkey3s! This is a common conundrum, but rest assured there are a LOT of strategies to tackle this indecisiveness. For instance, take a look at the many book clubs active in the Community Events section, and consider joining one.

Or, to take all choice out of it, simply post your own suggestion for someone else to read in this thread:

Whoever posts after you will give you your next assignment.

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Ooh. Seems risky, but effective. Thanks, I’ll be sure to try! :+1: :grin:

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Three options

Go to Comic Book.Menu
Find Browse
Find Get to Know
Sort Alphabetically

The following characters have Start Reading Guides

Dick the midfle
The Flash
The Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

i have looked at my Super hero history Topics, my best series, my best New 52 and Rebirth lists and this is the list of my favorite series or first arc.

For the most part, it excludes famous Graphic Novels, single issues, issues that are of historic interest, like Doom.Patrol first issue by Morissn and Origin stories

These are just the best stories I have read, for a wide range of characters and eras

01 1961 Brave and the Bold 34 Hawkman by Schwartz Fox Kubert

02 1974 Adventure Comics 431 to 440 The Spectre Superhero as horror comic Writer/Artist Mike Fleisher/Jim Aparo. Editor Joe Orlando,
(Not in Library Substitute 1992 Specte by Ostrander and Mandrake]

03 1976 All Star Comics 60 on (omits 58 59) revival of Justice Society of America. Introduces Power Girl. Conway Wood.

04 1979 Detective Comics 471 to 476 Steve Engleheart and Marshall Rogers

05 1984 All Star Squadron Set in World War II Roy Thomas

06 1984 Saga of Swamp Thing 21 The Anatomy Lesson Alan Moore

07 1993 Death High Cost of Living The Trade includes Death’s First Appearance in Sandman 8, 1991, Sound of Her Wings Neil Gaiman
Not in library, available at Comixology or try Library or buy Graphic Novel trade

08 1996 Supergirl 75 to 80 Peter David
Linda Danvers Supergirl meets Silver Age Kara el Supergirl

09 1997 JLA Big Seven return.with epic plots. Grant Morrison.

10 2000 Planetary Warren Ellis John Cassidy

11 2003 Teen Titans Young Justice mentored by New Teen Titans Geoff Jones

12 2004 DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke. Set in late 50s early 60s.

13 2011 Aquaman Geoff Johns

14 2011 Demon Knights Set in Medieval Times. Paul Cornell

15 2011 Frankenstein Agent of
S.H.A.D.E, Jeff Lemire.

16 2011 Huntress mini (Helena Wayne)
followed in 2012 Worlds Finest with Power Girl Paul Levitz

17 2013 Earth 2 17 on.Tom Taylor

18 2015 Superman Lois and Clark Introduction of Jon Kent, their son. Dan Jurgens followed by Superman Rebirth in 2016, followed by Super Sons.

19 DC Universe Rebirth 1

20 2016 Wonder Woman Year One. Issues 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Rucka Scott

21 2016 Detective Comics Rebirth Tynion IV

22 2016 Green Lanterns Rebrth Sam Humpries

23 2016 Flinstones Mark Russell

The third is to find significant titles or specific issues in my super hero history topic


Thank you for this list. Unfortunately I have a severe case of indecisiveness. Hopefully this doesn’t send me to the bad place(The Good Place Reference).

However, because I am bad at choosing things. It would be great if you could assign me a run on the “Assign a Comic to the Poster Above You” article by @HubCityQuestion. This would make you the overlord, and relieve me of my lack of decisiveness.

Sorry if that sounded forceful. Typing makes tone hard to read.

But seriously, you would get to be an overlord! How great is that?

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Unlike you

I dont.want a stranger to pick a comic book for me which would happen if i did as you requested.

This is as close as i will get

Flip a coin.

Heads iitem item 20 on my list

Tails item 08

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That’s cool. I understand, I would probably be more like you if I wasn’t so indecisive. I already got a response (Red Lanterns 21-40)

Are my posts sounding passive/active aggressive? I really can’t tell. I don’t post very often so I’m not good with tone expression on these forums.

It is the strangest request

I have heard here.

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Yeah… I guess I am an “alien” to online messaging.

In quotes because trying to emphasize, not sound sarcastic.

I’m going into a spiral aren’t I?

@Monkey3s: I don’t believe you’re really that indecisive. Of course, if you are you might want to read Richard II before reading any comics. That aside, just go with @TurokSonOfStone1950’s reading list and sit back and enjoy.


Now that Hawkman.2018 has seven issues in our library I have added this title to my best list.

The first issue contains two characters

Carter Hall as Hawkman.who reincarnates throughout history in time and space. One of his lives was described in Brave and Bold Hawkman issue.

Madame Xanadu was in the Spectre substitute series as well as Demon Knights

Both are immortal…

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I’m always quick to suggest a Harley comic :slight_smile: