Need help with Death of the Family reading order

I am trying to read Death of the family does anyone know if they have all the issues on here? I found the core issues for it but I am looking to read the tie in issues and and filler issues. I am new to reading comics and has been somewhat confusing to find everything. Any input is much appreciated!

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For which death of the family? There’s two. New 52 and Modern Age

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Death of The Family consists of the following (FYI: each of the following ongoing series began in 2011 as part of The New 52; that will help in finding the correct material from each series):

The main story:
-Batman #'s 13-17

-Batgirl #'s 13-16
-Batman and Robin #'s 15 and 16
-Catwoman #'s 13 and 14
-Detective Comics #'s 15 and 16
-Nightwing #'s 15 and 16
-Red Hood and the Outlaws #'s 15 and 16
-Suicide Squad #'s 14 and 15
-Teen Titans #'s 15 and 16