Need Help Remembering a Comic Book title

Hey guys. About 10 years back there was a comic book line about a duo of detectives. I want to say one was fat and the other was a skinny guy with glasses. I thought they were both based in Gotham. Does anybody remember this series? I’ve done Google searches and can’t find it for the life of me.

I’m hoping to remember what it is so I can check and see if they’re available on here to read.

Sounds a bit like Sam and Twitch which was a Todd McFarlane/Image book tied into Spawn. Sam does look a bit like Harvey Bullock though…

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Gotham Central is the only book that I clearly remember being about the Gotham Police Department but I’ve never read it so I don’t know who was in it. Fat detective might be Harvey Bullock you might try searching for comics that featured him.

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Sam and Twitch! That was it. I think there was a GCPD line and I got the two confused. Thanks guys!