Need help finding good Tim Drake titles!

It has come to my attention that I know all the Robin’s very well except for one. Tim Drake. Red Robin. Robin 3. I would love to read some books with Tim as a prominent character but can’t seem to find anything. Red Robin fans where you at?!


Hi there! I’d recommend:

Robin (1991)
Robin (1993)
Young Justice (1998)
Identity Crisis
Batman & Robin Eternal


Pretty much what HCQ said (though I haven’t read Identity Crisis or Batman & Robin Eternal)

Chuck Dixon’s three Robin miniseries and the ongoing title starting in 1993 were the main places Tim got most of his development. Young Justice is really good if you want Tim interacting with other heroes instead of just Bat-family stuff. Also, it’s really funny.


he was featured pretty well in the Knightfall storyline, that led into Robin (1993), when that ended his next title was Red Robin (2009). He was also featured really prominently in Teen Titans (2003). A good 1 off story is Detective Comics 826. And a good storyline was Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul

For a team based Tim Drake fix, you can’t go wrong with:

-Young Justice (volume one)
-Teen Titans (Geoff Johns’ run in particular)
-the Teen Titans feature in the Walmart exclusive Teen Titans Giant and Titans Giant series
-Young Justice (volume three, the current series by Bendis)

For a solo fix, the three Robin mini-series from the early 90’s are ideal, and of course his ongoing that ran from 1993-2009 is great.

His time as Red Robin in the ongoing of the same name as well as two New 52 Teen Titans series was decent. IMO, Tim was at his best as Red Robin in the Rebirth branded issues of Detective Comics.


Intro into Tim Drake: A lonely place of dying
Tim developing to Robin: Robin: A hero reborn

I’ll also point out that there’s actually a podcast titled, “Everyone Loves The Drake.” I haven’t listened but it’s highly recommended by the guys who do Holy Batcast.