Need Continuity Guidance!

Can we start a speculation group where we just speculate what happened to the DC universe? One of my speculations is that DC was split into two because of a rivalry and the stories were written without consulting the other. Then they made up and were like… “Oh crap, how do we put this together?” OR, perhaps there’s a room where the multiverse storylines are linked with yarn all over the place, and before it could be recorded someone got scissor happy.

Okay, that was a long tangent to ask some simple questions:

  1. I did not read Death Metal. Do I need to for Future State? I read conflicting advice, but I noticed, DM is referenced in Aquaman FS.
  2. Future State will be self-contained right? I see some issues are only two issues.
  3. I’m rereading The Flash Rebirth series but this time to the end. Rebirth finished though right? The current Flash comics, (#766) is a continuation of the original?
  4. Help.

Think I can help with these two.

No you don’t need to read Death Metal. Reading Death Metal will enhance your experience a bit, but not necessary to follow along.

Yes & No. It’s set in a possible future. Infinite Frontier is set in current day and explores how we may possibly get to the future described in Future State. For instance, in Batman 106 they’re planting the seeds for The Magistrate, which pretty much controls Gotham in Future State. So again, Future State enhances your experience with Infinite Frontier, but not essential to follow along.

Having said all that. I recommend both Death Metal and Future State whole heartedly.

Hope that makes sense.


I just read:

  • Aquaman #1
  • Justice League #1
  • flash #1 (heading into 2)

It really IS good, though Justice League one was kinda confusing.