NECA DC and Dark Horse two-packs to finally be released.

Out of Toy Fair, the word is that NECA will finally be releasing their long anticipated and first shown at Toy Fair 2016 DC and Dark Horse action figure two-packs!

To recap, the figures shown three years ago were:

-Superman and a standard Xenomorph
-Batman and a Jokerized Xeno
-Battle armor Batman and a Predator

There will be a fourth set in the ranks but those characters have not been revealed yet.

Two of the sets (unknown at time of writing) will be exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, while the other two will be exclusive to another con later in the year (New York CC was mentioned, but I’ve also read that’s not 100% locked down yet).

There ya go. Good things come to those who wait :slight_smile:


So we’re at the mercy of ebay scalpers? I really wanted the Superman and Batman figures.

Forgot to thank you for sharing, Vroom :slightly_smiling_face:. Where was this news posted?

Mayhaps unfortunately. If you can manage to squeeze into NECA’s pre-order window for non-attendees, you might get lucky.

Given the previous frustration inducing track record of their pre-order system, you’d have better luck finding a three legged ballerina than getting in. Doesn’t hurt to try though :slight_smile:

@moro, I came across it on YouTube in a Toy Fair update video. I don’t know remember the channel though. I did a search for Toy Fair 2019 to see if any post-event info may have come along and then I found the NECA deets in a random video.

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Oh ok…thanks again for sharing.

You’re welcome. Happy to spread the word =)

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If it helps, the video I saw featured an on camera interview with Randy Falk. So if you search YT for “Toy Fair 2019 Randy Falk interview” you’ll probably come across something good as I imagine he would give the same info out in press interviews, regardless of who’s conducting the interview.

Awesome just saw the interview with ShartimusPrime…non attendee pre-orders May/June.

It’d be nifty if these could get a Target release but given the licensing changes that go into effect next year, these will only be available via the net and cons.