Nathan Fillion's Green Lantern

DC Community,

After watching “Reign of the Supermen” I had one thought and one thought only, WE NEED A NATHAN FILLION GREEN LANTERN FILM!!! Please give me the lantern corps insanity with that guy as the star of the film. I need it, WE need it!

Please comment thoughts on the storyline!


I second that emotion! I’ve enjoyed that handsome bastard in everything I have seen him in since the creepy preacher Caleb on last season of Buffy. Yeah he brings the brash swagger of Hal big time.

He was great in Emerald Knights. His appearance on Tim Daly’s web series was hilarious too. If you haven’t seen that video yet here’s the link:

Nathan Fillion is my favorite voice for Hal Jordan. I especially enjoyed him in Justice League Doom. Phil Lamarr will always be my favorite John Stewart.


Nathan Fillion is the bee’s knees with plenty o’ pep and moxie. He’d make a good Booster Gold (live action and animated) too.

SN: Has anyone but Phil Lamarr played John Stewart? I can’t think of who else may have ATM, if anyone has.

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Blackest Night would be an awesome Lantern movie.


As long as we are on the subject I freaking love Phil Lamar!!! Madtv was the best

I love Josh Keaton’s Hal Jordan, but it’s always a treat when we get Fillion. I wish WB Animation would lay off the Bat-family for a while and give us some Nathan Fillion voiced Green Lantern movies. Preferably based on Geoff Johns’ run!

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Yes we do need a Nathan Fillion GL movie I definitely agree! He’s nailing it in The Rookie and so he’s in good shape for this role of the Green Lantern!!!

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