Naomi #3 discussion

Wow. This title is getting very interesting with a lot being revealed this issue. Easily my favorite of the Wonder Comics (so far).

We learned that Dee is a Thanagarian split from his love, who is not Naomi’s real mom but sure looks a lot like her.

We learned that adopted dad is a space traveler of some sort. Loved Naomi’s response, “Is that the ship you found me in?” Lol!

But what is adopted mom’s obvious hate for Dee all about?

And what did Dee mean when he said, “This world has enough pain coming” before he cut himself short?

What are y’alls thoughts? Observaztions? Questions?

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I was surprised by Dee’s Thanagarian roots. I didn’t really have him pegged as far as his mysterious background is concerned, but I never thought he’d be a Thanagarian.

I wonder if by hinting at “coming pain”, Dee is referring to Thanagarian forces coming to Earth for Naomi.

It’s an interesting series. I’m looking forward to more of Naomi.

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Considering that they were on Gemworld, I wonder if there are any clues in Bendis’ Young Justice.

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I’m pretty sure Naomi’s Dad and or Mom are from Rann, his suit looked alot like a purple version of Adam Strange’s space suit. I believe Rann and Thanagar have some sort of beef with each other right? Might explain the tension between Dee and Naomi’s parents. Also when Dee was talking about being a undercover operation on Gemworld the Young Justice connection was the 1st thing that popped into my head too.

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