Naomi #1 Reactions

Just an open invitation for reactions to Naomi #1. One of the best things about this book is the artwork. The characters look really great, especially the facial expressions of Naomi.


2 be honest I am. Not that impressed so far but I will give it sometime I will keep reading


I dug it, it was good. I’m just surprised that it has no ratings on the DC app. Every other new book this week does but it doesn’t. I rated it, so I know for sure it has at least one rating.


The artwork was exceptional, very clear.

There was not much story there. If this continues, this will be another title which will read better as a Graphic Novel Trade.

Wonder Twins were interesting, especially with their new after school job.


I get my comics from Westfield Comics in Wisconsin. It won’t make delivery until next month. I also have issue #2 on order.

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It was just ok. Not bad, not great, just meh.


Story-wise, it’s hard to base a decision on just the first issue, but I thought it was good and intriguing enough to continue reading. The artwork was gorgeous and worth the price of the book alone. So far, so good. We’ll see what the next few issues are like.

I dug Naomi. Amazing art and the lead character is very likeable. The e ding left me very intrigued!

I loved the art, I like Naomi so far. I’m on board to see her character grow throughout the story arch. The story started off a little slow for me, but the mystery is intriguing. I will purchase issue 2 when it drops.

The Wonder Twins were interesting too and I’m looking forward to following their story. Their planet’s thunderstorm rituals are… unique.