Name your Top 5 black or minority DC characters!

My Top 5

  1. John Stewart
  2. Mr. Terrific
  3. Bronze Tiger
  4. Black Manta
  5. Vixen

Aqualad cyborg firestorm black lightning and static are 5 others

  1. Karate Kid | 2. Cyborg | 3. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) | 4. John Stewart | 5. Vixen/Blue Beetle (Tie)
  1. John Stewart 2. Vixen 3. Black Lightning 4. Blue Beetle 5. Cass Cain
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Mr Terrific
Aqualad (Young Justice)
Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle
Crimson Avenger
Ryan Choi the Atom

  1. Black Manta
  2. John Stewart (GL)
  3. Steel
  4. Black Lightening
  5. Bronze Tiger

Kyle Rayner
John Stewart
Jaime Reyes
Black Lightning

Kyle never gets any love on any list :frowning:

  1. Jessica Cruz
  2. Simon Baz
  3. El Diablo
  4. Black Manta
  5. Steel
  1. Batwoman
  2. Simon Baz
  3. Aqualad
  4. Black Manta
  5. Bane

John Stewart
Jessica Cruz
Lucius Fox
Kaldur’ ahm

Martian Manhunter
And larfleeze because this is the only Orange Lantern
This list is based off of they are the last of their kind meaning they’re absolute minorities

John Stewart, Black Manta, Bane, MR Terrific, Amanda Waller…also CYBORG is a character i want to like more since i’m also a detroit man, but waiting on the big push

  1. Ryan Choi
  2. Fire
  3. Mr. Terriffic
  4. John Stewart
  5. Vixen

If Freedom Beaat and Manhattan Guardian had more appearances they’d be firm candidates

  1. Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle
  2. Firestorm
  3. Martian Manhunter
  4. Starfire
  5. Cyborg

*aliens could fall under a hypothetical minority

  1. The Ray (Gay)
  2. Jessica Cruz (Latina)
  3. Static Shock (black)
  4. Harley Quinn (Pansexual)
  5. Talia Al Ghoul (middle eastern)
    I also included lgbt as those characters I tend to relate too more.

Virgil Hawkins (Static Shock DCAU)
Jon Stewart (Justice League DCAU)
J’onn J’onzz (Justice League DCAU)
Jaime Reyes (Young Justice cartoon)
John Diggle (Arrow-verse)

2- Mr. Terrific
3- Static
4- Amanda Waller
5- Cyborg

Static Shock
Blue Beatle
John Stewart GL
Black lighting
Bronze tiger
Probably more I can’t think of right now