Name the Character (s) Best Fit: SEASON 3

Welcome back to Name the Character(s) Best Fit!!!
In this new season the weekly schedule and game as a whole has been changed. Here is what the weekly schedule wilp be, followed by an explanation for each day:

Sunday- Regular/classic scenario
Monday- polls (the community votes)
Tuesday- opposite day tuesday
Wednesday-Guest judge
Thursday- voted theme (new every week)
Friday- Regular/Classic scenario
Saturday- guest scenario

Sundays and Fridays- I will post a new scenario. The scenario will either be villains’ schemes. In which you would have to name a hero or heroes that would be able to stop the posted diabolical plan with utmost effeciency. Or the scenario would be one of which where you will have to name a villain or villains that you would deploy to take down a certain hero(es).

Mondays- It will be another scenario made by me (like the above), except instead of me choosing the winner, a poll will take place amongst you guys. [Obviously no voting for yourself].

Tuesdays- an event will take place called…“Opposite Day Tuesday.” It works exactly the same way as a normal scenario except for one distinct difference: Heroes and villains are swaped. Meaning heroes are villains and villains are heroes.

Wednesdays- Depending on what the guest judge wants, there will either be a classic scenario in which the guest judge chooses the winner, or the guest judge will create their own scenario AND choose the winner.

Thursdays- There will be a vote in the beginning of the week for which hero or villain you guys want Thursdays scenario to be revolved around. I will choose the winner.

SaturdaysAt the end of everyday (PST time) the winner will be announced and be put into the scoreboard. At the end of the week, whoever has the most wins will receive the honor of creating the guest scenario

To add in a little spice…every last week of the month, everyone’s weekly scores will be added up. Whoever has the most points by the last week will have the opportunity to be ME FOR A WEEK!!! [The winner obviously has to follow the schedule]

Spread the word amongst the community, of the new and improved Nam the Character (s) Best Fit… the more the merrier!!!

Remember to bring your most creative selves, because what allows you to win, is creativity and efficiency. GOOD LUCK!!! AND SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON…NAME THE CHARACTER(S) BEST FIT!!!

[Oh…and please please please don’t be shy…if you have any suggestions for this thread please share!!]


Poll for Themed Thursday

  • The joker
  • King shark
  • Psycho pirate

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Week 1; Episode 1: The Birth of Repliclay

Clayface was spending his weekend watching the new Haarley Quinn show. After watching the third episode he realized the his power is really only good for theatrical uses. Therefore he decided to speak with a scientist, but not your average joe scientist. He went to speak with Professor Hugo Strange!!! He said to the Professor (in a deep, dumb voice) " doc, I need a way to make my powers better."
“I have just the thing,” replied Strange. All Hugo did was tweek clayface’s powers in such a way that whoever he would mold into, he would not only look like them but he will gain access to the person’s abilities. Choose ONE hero who could stop REPLICLAY!!! Please explain.

Please don’t forget to vote for Themed Thursday’s character of the week (above)

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Anyone without a freeze pellet or super breath, by default. (So both the Bat Family and Superman family is out.)

I’d say the best bet is Martian Manhunter or Miss Martian with their shape changing skills, they can go toe to toe, and sneak that ice pellet in.



By going to Hugo Strange, and becoming Repliclay, Basil has crossed over into deeper realms of villainy and vanity alike-- thus drawing the attention of


First, the Spirit of Vengeance divides Repliclay in two, one half looking like the human Basil Karlo, while the other half becomes 7 of the actors Clayface hated most in the world, so that Basil has to play a bad scene with each one of them in turn.

When this torture has run its course, the Spectre now inflicts the final punishment— half of Repliclay becomes a monster shaped sculpture, and the other becomes the hot kiln around it-- thus, Basil Karlo is condemned to bake himself over and over again for the next 20 years! (The Spirit of Vengeance, of course, wanted eternity, but remnants of Jim Corrigan and Crispus Allen keep the sentence to the 20 years)

Or, if you meant Matt Hagen instead of Basil Karlo—


peppers Repliclay with super-hot thermal flares, baking Hagen solid. Roy then shatters uber-Clayface with a couple of explosive-tipped arrows. Arsenal borrows a broom from a nearby hardware store, sweeps all the chunks together, and before Repliclay can recover, smothers the pieces with epoxy-arrows.

Finally, Roy calls the DEO to pick up the pieces before heading home for supper with Lian.



I choose Batman!

I know what you aren’t thinking! Why did you choose a Marvel character? [Ha! Got you there didn’t I?]

Clayface’s new power only applies to powered heroes. Thus, a non-powered hero stands the best chance of stopping him. Now, I could have gone for some original non-powered person to stop him but then, why not just go with what works? Batman has a track record of every time ever to zero against Clayface. Batman will just stop the new Clayface before he gets anyone’s powers and then cure him once he is “safe” in Arkham (“Arkham” and “safe” don’t go in the same sentence unless the sentence says, “Arkham is not safe” or quotation marks are used around “safe”). Batman use his detective skills to hunt down Hugo and stop him from just doing the same thing over again.

-The “why-mess-with-what-works” Batman of NML

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Clayface will need to be tricked, since he’ll be able to do just about anything. Our man for this job is CAPTAIN ATOM, a somewhat unwilling expert at long cons. The Captain will call out Clayface in public, saying he doubts that his powers are as dangerous as Clayface claims they are, and saying that there’s no way he could transform into, say, Superman.

When they cross paths later, Clayface will want to humiliate his new heckler by beating him as Superman. As soon as he makes the change, Captain Atom starts using his energy manipulation powers to mimic Kryptonite radiation, weakening Clayface and rendering him inert. Clayface will essentially be made of goop with similar properties to a Kryptonian body, so Captain Atom will begin removing chunks and storing them in lead containers with small fragments of Kryptonite, keeping Clayface separated into small, relatively harmless pieces for easy imprisonment.


Today’s winner is…@MisfitMarvel!!!

Week 1 scoreboard:

general announcement
Don’t forget to vote for Themed Thursday’s character!!! (Above)

Week 1; Episode 2: Envenomed Killer Lobosday

Lex Luther began a new project codenamed as: Project HybridX. In this project, Lex and his team were able to replicate B’wana Beast’s abilities, but on a much higher and more dangerous scale. They were able to merge any organic material with another. Not only that, but they were able to merge more than 2 subjects at a time. At a very specific and strategically planned moment, Name, Killer Croc, Lobo, and Doomsday were on the same spot. Thus allowing Lex and his team too merge all 4 beasts into one, big, ugly… ENVENOMED KILLER LOBOSDAY!!! Choose TWO heroes to take care of Project HybridX. Please explain.


I’m guessing Bane…

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OK, so the biggest issues here are Doomsday’s raw strength, Lobo’s regeneration, and Bain’s Brane, I mean Brains Bane, I mean- oh, forget it.

De-hybridizing this thing is just about the last thing we’d want to do, because then all these supergoons will be running around all angry-like. So, we’ll need to subdue the entity as a whole. Even the heaviest hitter is going to have trouble with this fight, but I think we can do this with more finesse. MISTER MIRACLE and NIGHTSHADE are the ideal operatives.

I was halfway through typing “Mister Terrific” when I realized that half of the job is just to build a very good trap. And as the World’s Greatest Escape Artist, it necessarily follows that Scott Free also regularly builds traps worthy of his own talents. Essentially, the idea is a stasis system with multiple failsafes, preferably located inside the sun (and it can be transported there by Boom Tube) but at least in deep space. Nightshade can then simply portal HybridX directly into the trap.

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This is a job for… SUPERMAN!


While Superman goes toe to toe with Envenomed Killer Lobosday-- he knows well the strengths and weaknesses of the Chimera’s component parts-- and does his best to hold his own against the monster-- B’Wanna Beast remains unseen, trying to separate the components, reaching out to Lobo in particular to break the bond-- but its too strong! The four are like one creature! But B’wanna gets a horrible, terrible beastly idea! If the four are one creature, he can combine them with another creature! Two creatures-- a mole and a chipmunk! Joining with the mole makes Envenomed Lobosday more docile, and the chipunk— well, the chipmunk just makes the monster smaller. Superman manages to get a full nelson on the creature-- and hold it just long enough to drop it into the gravity well of the planet Jupiter-- where it will remain trapped until a way to separate the components is found.

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Sorry for responding so late, but yes…name was bane. “Darn auto correct!!”

Please enter who you think should win Mondays scenario.

Week 1; Episode 3: The Great Escape

[Remember it’s opposite Tuesday]

As of right now, the most wanted criminal is on the loose. The great escape artist himself, he is none other than…Mister Miracle!!! He has been planning the biggest escape plan in history. Mister M., is going to free everyone from blackgate prison, to Arkham Asylum, to Ironheights prison all in one sweep. After that, all hell will break loose with all the goo…I mean bad guys running around. If you choose to stop MM before the great escape, than use one hero, but if you choose to somehow fix this problem post escape, use two heroes. Please explain.

Why don’t we take a break until after the holidays.

Oh, crap, I forgot to finish my response! Sorry! I don’t even remember what my idea was but I’ll see if I can come up with something again.