Name the Character(s) Best Fit SEASON 2

I just want to start off saying thank you to all of my previous, and hopefully on going, supporters and players for never giving up on this thread and making it as fun as possible. I couldn’t have done it without you!!


Every day I will post a new scenario. The scenario will either be villains’ schemes. In which you would have to name a hero or heroes that would be able to stop this diabolical plan with utmost effeciency. Or the scenario would be one of which where you will have to name a villain or villains that you would deploy to take down a certain hero(es).

At the end of everyday (PST time) the winner will be announced and be put into the scoreboard. At the end of the week, whoever has the most wins will receive the honor of creating the guest scenario.

Every Tuesday, an event will take place called…“Opposite Day Tuesday.” It works exactly the same way as a normal scenario except for one distinct difference: Heroes and villains are swaped. Meaning heroes are villains and villains are heroes.

Remember to bring your most creative selves, because what wins you the guest scenario is creativity and efficiency. GOOD LUCK!!! AND SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON…NAME THE CHARACTER(S) BEST FIT!!!

[Oh…and please please please don’t be shy…if you have any suggestions for this thread please share!!]


First scenario starts tomorrow!!!


Get ready for more of my being the ultimate DC strategist and by “being the ultimate DC strategist” I mean “using Wonder Woman’s lasso to solve every problem.”


I mean, I can certainly think of worst solutions.


Lol…you sly bastard you
Well let’s see…who knows maybe they will be the best. Give it a shot!!!


You won’t be without some healthy competition :wink:


Week 1; episode 1: Oceananigans

Black Manta and Ocean Master both came up with the plan to join forces, and reak havoc in the ocean. They realized that working alone, their plans always end up getting thwarted by their nemesises (nemesie?). To be more speciric, they were killing sea creatures, polluting the ocean, and making it very dangerous for any human to be in the ocean ( meaning anyone already in the ocean is in deep peril) [remember that price of info. and include it in your solution]. Which TWO heroes would you choose to end this "ocean"anigans? Please explain. [ All atlantean heroes are off fighting a godly war with the Amazon’s, meaning they are off limits]. Good luck!!! And welcome to Name the Character(s) Best Fit!!!


Since we are starting in the middle of the week, this week will be the practice/warmup/ test week.

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I choose Firestorm and Martian Manhunter.

The ocean is a big place, so J’onn’s psychic abilities will be necessary to actually locate our aquatic antagonists. Once they’re tracked down, it’s Firestorm’s show.

First, he needs to smoke them out of the water because of the danger. He will create an air pocket around them and a promethium bubble around the air pocket. With the compressed air inside it, the bubble will still be light enough to be buoyant and will rise to the surface, where Martian Manhunter can grab it and haul it to Stryker’s Island or S.T.A.R. Labs or something. Firestorm can swing by later and pop it open so our hydro-hooligans can be transferred to proper cells.

Next, Firestorm has to get to work repairing the damage. With his powers, he should be able to transmute any inorganic pollutants into pure water and safely contain organic material in sealed metal bubbles of its own (aluminum should do since pollutants don’t have super strength) so it can be removed without further ecological damage. Presumably this should also eliminate whatever trouble is making the water harmful to humans.



The key phrases in this are “human” and “in the ocean”. If the pollution and other damage the dastardly aquatic enemies is dangerous to only humans, then it is likely that Superman would be immune (or Supergirl, or Superboy or Hawkman or Martian Manhunter or Wonder Woman or… let’s just go with Supes). He can go under water and do what needs to be done to stop the fishy fiends, as they’d be way under prepared for the Man of Steel. Now he could probably figure out some way to fix the oceans, too, but I’ve got TWO heroes to use, so I might as well use someone else. The Flash is often seen running on water, so he wouldn’t have to worry about all that pollution getting on him (and going at the speeds it would take him to stay aloft, any dangerous water would easily evaporate before touching his skin). If he distributes the Speed Force energy he’s tapping into, he should be able to purify the water, burning away most of the pollutants (I’m sure that makes scientific sense. Just don’t ask AquamonC137.). With superspeed, him and Supes could do whatever damage control possible, and they could both use their STAR Labs connections to get some help rehabilitating the animals to restrengthen the ocean population.

And if all that doesn’t work, well, Barry could always run back in time. That’s never caused problems before…


I’m going with Martian Manhunter and Superman. Neither of them are human and should be able to handle the dangers in the water. Manhunter can use his telepathic powers to locate anyone in jeopardy (he’ll hunt for them…It’s in the name!) and save them. Meanwhile, Superman can take on our villains directly and win pretty easy because he’s super and such.



Anyone else keeping up with the Justice League Dark series that’s been coming to DCU every couple of weeks? I certainly have been. For this Oceananigans (great pun by the way) I’m going to give Swamp Thing and Zatanna a call. Swamp Thing will naturally be on this case as any ocean pollution will have repercussions on land ecosystems which tends to make our big green friend not-so-happy. To combat this pollution, Swamp Thing will summon an unlikely ally–phytoplankton! Fun Fact: Phytoplankton contributes to just about 50% of the Oxygen released by photosynthesis. These microscopic fellas contribute to the carbon cycle in a big way. Swamp Thing will just need to concentrate them in the more polluted parts of the ocean, and give them a little power surge so they can get rid of the pollution in the water.

As for Oceanmaster and Black Manta, we’re first going to need to locate the two. Between Zatanna’s “etacol” spell and Swamp Thing’s awareness of all ocean plant life, they should be able to track them down quite easily. Fighting the two will also be a walk in the park with a heavy-hitter like Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing could probably take the two down by himself, but a little backup from Zatanna wouldn’t hurt. More importantly though, this battle would look really cool. Underwater Swamp Thing? Yes, please. That would look absolutely spectacular. Zatanna would probably be in a bubble or something firing some spells at the two or shielding Swamp Thing from some heavy blows.


For the rescue op, I’d go with a Green Lantern – let’s say Kyle Rayner. Using his ring, he can lock on to any humans in troubled waters and pull them out from afar with his inventive constructs.

To take on Ocean Master and Black Manta, I’m going with Wally West. Neither of them are prepared for an enemy who can run across water at super speed.



All the Amazons and Atlanteans away, LEX LUTHOR doesn’t wait for any fool super-hero to save the seas-- he unleashes his full economic and super scientific might on restoring the sea life, and healing the oceans, and makes sure the entire world knows who saved the seas worldwide. As for Black Manta and Ocean Master, well, they wrecked this havoc without his permission-- so he finds something that LADY SHIVA needs, then gets it for her, and gives her aquatic armor that allows her full use and grace of her martial skills in the water and out, and tasks her with dealing with the deep sea miscreants as permanently as she sees fit.


Today’s winner is…@TornadoSoup!!!

It was a very close call between @YoYoFroYo and @TornadoSoup.

Really creative answer…really liked it.
Although your solution was very creative, this prompt was meant to be two heroes. But you were definitely really creative!!

Good job eceryone!!! I was really blown away with all your creative responses. See you next time on…NAME THE CHARACTER (S) BEST FIT!!!


Week 1 scoreboard:


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Happy to see the return of the most creative thread on the board.


I appreciate it…don’t be modest though…I might be kingofspeedsters, but you are kingofthreads. Your answer the question threads are the biggest threads in this community. Plus you know EVERYTHING about anything in the DC Universe (literally).


Week 1; episode 2: Metal Be Gone

I need to keep this as short and breif as possible…
It’s Slade by the way. Anyway, the metal-men are training in a facility in Southern Central City. I need them to be taken-out before my plans for ||||||||||||||||||||| commence. Deploy no more than two villains to take them out. I’ve spoken too long…Deathstroke out. [Please explain how you will take them out].

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Ah, but 'Speedster old chum, you have the only thread that has ever successfully mixed gaming and storytelling creativity.