Name something you love about DC Universe

Ok this is not to dismiss the many many threads adressing unhappiness with Swamp Thing. But DC Universe to most of us is more then one show. So lets name some things we love about it to help lift our spirits.

I will start…

The Comics… seriously 22,000 comics… THAT is a lot of comics.
Doom Patrol… became one of my favorite shows ever, dare I say my favorite show ever.
The community… things are rough now but I still love the social aspect of this, truly helps make DC Universe something unique.


No idea I’d love Doom Patrol that much
Community, didn’t sign up for that reason but it’s great


I spent months barely using the community because I’m overly self conscious about everything I post online, but after I discovered what a nice and wonderful place it is I sort of came out of my shell. It’s been great, and is definitely one of my favorite parts of the service.

And 22,000+ comics and fantastic original series don’t hurt either


The animation! The original series! The thousands of comics! The community! Marvel has all their comics, and no shows at all.

DC has a huge, if incomplete, comics library, all the animation (which is why I subscribed in the first place), and the original productions.

As a canny comics fan, I love both!


The community ( us fans )


Getting the chance to read these books in one spot. With a growing library. When it comes to streaming I want it all one spot as well. I enjoy the animations the exclusive shows. I would not be a fan of Doom Patrol if it wasn’t for this . And its a reasonable cost.


I like that I can download comics and shows for consumption when I don’t have a good connection. I just finished the RotWorld crossover and I was just sure while I was going through it that I’d have to buy the tie-ins, but all of the issues were here. I’d be so sad to be without this fantastic app.


Access to a massive comic book library, the Doom Patrol TV show, and a place where I can put my writings. Good times!


The amount of animated series available. (Working my back through Teen Titans in semi-binge chunks. It flows better than I remember)
The comics library, I love being able to read the Bronze Age stuff again, in particular.
The community. At times I find some of it testy, a bit scared of hard debate, and a little overly sensitive on occasion. An opposing point of view on a particular item or “hat” (Snyder, The Batman kill rule, & mythology come to mind) aren’t personal attacks, just discord over a particular “hat”)
But I’ll admit I’m a bit of a “hard nose” and ain’t shy on my opinions, so I’m sure I grate on some members as well. HOWEVER, on balance it’s mostly “good eggs”.


I’m still happy I get a swamp thing show that looks incredible even if it’s one season, the comics keep me busy on my ungodly commute, and DC daily gives me something to look forward to when I get home.


Product offering wise:

  • The original shows.
  • The fact that I can read most DC comics whenever I want, at my own pace (I take it very slow), at a very reasonable price.

Then there’s this community. It’s nice to chat with like minded people about something I like. Everyone here has been kind and respectful, even when we disagree.


Apart from the great community and wide comic selection, I’m still so thrilled that Young Justice has a place to continue. I love the show and its world so much, and I’m so excited to see more.


-comics (the full digital library you say? eyes roll back in his head and a smile crosses his lips as indicators of happiness)

-movies and TV shows of today and yesteryear? Yes, please!

-new releases from the animated DC Original Movie line the day they come out on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray? From Dennis The Menace to Urkel, that’s amazing!

-original TV shows, fan events, Book Clubs, the DCU Shop, an encyclopedia, Watch Alongs and a fun staff? Boy howdy!

-a community of fans that can express themselves over things they like and dislike in civil, levelheaded, mature and thoughtful ways? Noice, very noice!

Tell me Chaz, where can I find all of this amazing wonderment?

Chaz leans in and whispers

Cool! DCU sure (as Lenny Leonard once said to Carl Carlson): Sounds good!


The comic book library and Doom Patrol


Hopefully they will reconsider and renew Swamp Thing if it becomes as big a hit like Doom Patrol.
It is great they are releasing the whole first season, but we all want a season 2 as well.

I loved Doom patrol and Young justice.
I am slowly getting into Booster Gold.
I am enjoying my TMNT and Batman.

The animated movies are a nice addition as well.
Imagine how much better it would be if they can get their CW shows on here.




Yes I am overwhelmed with the Comics they have pored in. It’s fantastic that my problem is finding time to read them all!
Love the Original shows and the community as well.


Everything would be a general answer for me too @nymdel.28708 I love DC and I love comiucs but for money had to give up reading them like I did in the old days and settle for trades when I could afford it.

I now got more comics then I would ever have time to read. Plus this is my stuff, I love DC and love these characters. Old shows, newer shows, original TV series, animated movies, live action movies, shorts. Obviously some is better then others, but there is nothing on here that I would not enjoy watching. Every episode or movie on here I can get enjoyment out of because DC is my jam. I cancelled Netflix because I literally spend most of my time on here so why pay almost literally twice for something full of stuff I will never watch.

This service for me is a definite example of quality over quantity.

Swamp Thing series… oh wait that’s right it’s over before it started… :disappointed_relieved:

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