Name pronunciation in comics?

So, we obviously have names which one might not have difficulties with being somewhat fluent in the language, such as Superman, or Wonder Woman, or Flash, but what do you do when you get to names like Garguax or Myxzptlk? Or when you have something that appears to be one pronunciation but is actually another, such as Constantine(like time) instead of Constanteen? I try and find a pronunciation online if I can, or I just try and go with it, but I’ve been having some difficulties lately :sweat_smile:

What all do you do when you come across a tricky name?

In the cartoon they pronounced it MIX-is-SPIT-lick.

I would say watch the animated toons & movies but they change pronunciation literally in the same sentence on some characters. The 2 I learned recently from watching DC daily are Zatanna is pronounced za-tan-a, & Ra’s al ghuls 1st name is acceptable as raysh or rahs. I always said Zatannas name right but it used to bug me when people said rahs instead of raysh. The creators themselves said this on DC daily, those were the only 2 I’ve had questions about. To add to that,Talia says “it’s pronounced raysh, common mistake” in one of the animated movies. I can’t remember which cuz I’ve seen them all too many times. I’m sure someone on here knows what movie I’m referencing. She says this after someone refers to it as rahs.

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in arrow it seemed as though Rahs was the man. but Raysh was the Title. For instance, when Malcolm Merlyn became the head of the League, he called himself Raysh . whereas the man who was the head of the league before him was Rahs

Ra’s Al Ghul will always be “raysh” to me. It’s how it was pronounced on the DCAU shows and O’Neil confirmed it after Batman Begins came out.

Zatanna is “zuh-taw-nuh” because…BTAS. Constantine’s pretty straight forward.

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Mxyzptlk is “mix-yes-spit-lick” according to STAS, and Paul Dini.

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