Name a DC Character you'd love to see on the big screen and the actor you'd cast to play them

Jericho - Nick Jonas. I just have this image in my mind of him playing this gritty version of Joe, and he makes his voice all creepy and his hair is bleach blonde etc. Seems he would be best for the role. Maybe I’m bias…

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Booster Gold- Chris Pratt


“Firestorm” played by Donald Glover and Donald Sutherland or Alan Rickman

“Posion Ivy” played by Nicole Kidman or Emily Blunt

“The Riddler” played by Johnny Deep


Red Robin played by (this may be a bit ambitious) Tom holland

I’d like to see Matthew Rhys as Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

Black Canary played by Daryl Hannah

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Green Arrow played by Charlie Hunham.
Lobo played by Mickey Rourke
Detective Chimp played by Andy Serkis
Scarecrow played by Jackie Earle Haley

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(I would like to apologise in advance for the length of this, I have a lot if fan casting )
A few of these are long shots, but I would like to see them none the less, that being said, time to get on to my list. My fan casting may be spotty at times, but most of them I would love to see. My list is as followed:

Ultra Humanite - Kelsey Grammer

Mr. Mind - Patrick Stewart

Scarecrow - Robert England

Johnny Sorrow - Tim Curry

The Thinker - David Hyde Pierce

Tawny the Tiger (the talking autonomous version) - Although this may be controversial my main pick would have to be Seth MacFarlane

Golden Age Green Lantern - Ted Danson

Wildcat - Danny Trejo (Maybe, but he would be entertaining to watch and the character suites him well)

Mr Mxyzptlk - Gilbert Godfrey

Desaad - René Auberjonois

Kalibak - Michael Dorn

Braniac - Jeffery Combs

Golden Age Hourman - Liam Neeson

Mr. Miracle - Tom Hardy (Maybe)

Granny Goodness - Betty White

The Penguin - Josh Gad

Dr. Psycho - Peter Dinklage

Professor Ivo - Charlie Day (maybe)

Amazo - John Cena ( with little to no speakinglines. He already has the physique and the fighting moves to match Amazo, as long as we doesn’t have many lines, which Amazo rarely does)

The Turtle - George Wendt

Swamp Thing - Ron Perman

Lex Luthor Sr. who is revealed to be the original Lex that Jesse Eisenburg was cloned from after he became terminal and froze himself until he could find a curse, leaving the one person in charge of his company that he could possibly trust, himself. He was implant with false memories of a chdhood that never happened. Casting Lex Sr. - Clansy Brown.

Booster Gold - Nathan Filian

Metallo - Leonardo Decapreo

Dr. Midnight #2 - Hugh Laurie

Larfleeze - Andy Serkis

Black Hand - Joaquin Pheonix

Killowog - Brad Garret

The Question - Johnny Depp

Krona - Brian Cranston

King Shark - Frank Wellker

Black Canary - Jennifer Lawrence

Batgirl - Karen Gillan

Riddler - Joseph Gordon Levitt

Batwoman - Drew Barrymore

Man-Bat/Kirk Lang Langstrom - Tobey McGuire/Tony Todd

The Ventriloquist and Mr. Scarface - Tom Hanks

T.O. Moro - Willem Defoe

Red Tornado - Nicholas Briggs

Hector Hammond, before and after his change - Steve Buscemi

Vandal Savage - Tom Cavanagh

Black Mask - Cristian Bale

Mr. Freeze - Javier Bardem

Dr. Fate - Harrison Ford

Reverse Flash - Hugh Jackman (maybe)

The Manhunters - Nicholas Briggs

Nekron - Ralph Fines

The Spectre - Gary Oldman

Animal Man - Mathew Mconahey

Gorilla Grodd - Frank Wellker

Black Hand - Juaqine Pheonix

Grey Ghost - Kevin Conroy

Starman - James Franco

(Just to name a few)

Jessica Cruz - Gina Rodriguez
Hal Jordan - John Krasinski
William Wintergreen - Sean Pertwee
Harvey Dent - Jason Isaacs
Atrocitus - Tom Hardy (that voice!)


Ron Perlman as Deathstroke.


Hal Jordan - Chris Pine (I wish was possible) John Kransinski

Sinestro - Mads Mikkelsen or Jude Law

Larfleeze - Andy Serkis

Atrocitus - Daniel Craig

I can’t think of anymore right now lol.

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Oh Gerard Butler as Deathstroke

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Martian Man-hunter - Can’t think of actor to play him just want to see him on the big screen.

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I thought of another one!

Scarecrow - Tobin Bell

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Zatanna. Honestly, I don’t know about the actress. But they would need to know how to speak backwards.


Supergirl - Izabela Vidovic as Kara and the rest of the Midvale cast in a high budget production set during the Midvale years where she ends up joining the Legion in the future.