Mysteries of Love in Space

Has anyone read this new release yet? I’m really on the fence about buying it. I haven’t bought the other $9.99 specials, but this one caught my attention because of it features a Fourth World story.

I’m trying to decide between this and Raven: Daughter of Darkness. Can anyone recommend one way or the other?


Vroom I haven’t read either, but Mysteries of love in space, I haven’t heard of it just saw this thread with that title and thought this sounds interesting. So I’d say go with it, leave it to chance my friend.

They featured love in space on DC Daily this week ( I can’t remember which day though)

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My comic shop didn’t get Mysteries this week I’m waiting until next week to read it.

Thanks for your opinions folks. I held off on it for now. Maybe a Valentine’s gift for myself :slight_smile:

I bought this for a “friend” might read it first though.

On order from Westfield, but I haven’t received it yet.

I just bought this. Thank you DC Daily for convincing me on why it’s worth a read =)


Got both myself lol. Mysteries is pretty good I read my kids a story every night. We really liked the crush story and bizarro story! I told my wife she’s qrotesqua and I’m bizarro, even tho I’m a monster she makes me a better person lol. Highly recommend