My Zack Snyder’s Justice League Fan Art

I just wanted to share some fan art I’ve done to show my excitement for Zack Snyder’s Justice League! I love the movie and have been rewatching it constantly since it’s been out! At least once a day I will rewatch a clip. But I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched it from start to finish already! I hope you guys enjoyed the movie too!


This is quite good! Love the details. Getting some Darwyn Cooke vibes, especially in the Amazon’s face :slightly_smiling_face:.


These look awesome™:+1:
Wow. Really like the colors and style.


@moro Wow! Comparing me to Darwyn Cooke? Thank you!
@NYJt3 Glad you like them, I usually work in black and white, but it’s just been so fun to play with colors on these!


These are great, the vibrant colors really work. I also loved the movie, it was epic!


Thank you for the compliments! Yes, it was so amazingly epic, it’s such a shame that all of the epic kinda got edited away with the theatrical cut. I mean I get pairing it down to 2 hours would do that but I think they could’ve worked w what was there and still preserve just how grand this story was. But I’m so glad I can watch this version now!


Hey guys! I wanted to share a YouTube video series I’m making talking about some of the comics that I think influenced the Snyder cut and also my process in making some of these drawings as well. I wasn’t sure if it was a great idea to promote my channel in the main boards, but I figure these episodes I’m going to make are appropriate here?

In any case the first ep is about Tom Taylor’s Injustice and my process for the Steppenwolf drawing. I’m not like a super comics historian by any stretch, so it’s just me sharing my excitement for DC comics. In any case tell me what you guys think!

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I have another episode up regarding my process work for my Penthiselea drawing. I also talk about another comic book that I think connects a lot to the Snyderverse and maybe where it might’ve gone. Tom Taylor’s Earth 2 run was really good!

He’s really got the DC Universe characters down and is able to pull off some great plot twists within his arc. I actually like it better than Robinson’s run! Check it out the episode for more nerdiness here:

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amazing fanart of justice league

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Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!

I got one more process video for these set of drawings, and I point out some places where Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s run on Justice League and the N52 made it through to the Snyder Cut… surprisingly in the Cyborg stuff!