my young justice outsiders "bump"

once there was a new kid named Ben who had the power to
bring characters to life but sometimes Ben would have trouble controlling it,
and Ben’s friends thought that he was… a little different cause all Ben would do was write
and he would use his powers to bring the characters to life,
and that’s when all of Ben’s classmates started to tease Ben and make fun of him cause he was different
than the other kids , and that’s when Ben started to cry,
And that’s when… all of a sudden out of the blue the young justice started to appear in front of the young boy,
H-hey I know you guys Ben said excitedly your the young justice heroes ,
B-but what’re you guys doing here huh ?
Ben asked the young heroes

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Heya @superdccoolkid!
This looks like a fun start to a cool story!
I am going to move this over to our “Fan Creation” section so other users can find your story a little easier. :blush: