my wonder con panel predictions

Green Lantern TAS Season 2 announced
Swamp Thing Trailer
Krypton Season 1 release date
Community Overhaul Tease.

Console releases with Arkham Knight port to Switch through service

What are your predictions /hopw


Ooh, more platform availability is a really good guess. I know that’s been a priority.

Forum functionality is a little un-sexy for a con announcement. I can see it’s coming, but not for the stage.

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There’s a dc universe panel at Wondercon? How exciting :heart_eyes:


Wishsful Thinking

An unlimited comic service…

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Not sure about the Green Lantern Season 2 thing. I can see DCU doing one, the interest is definitely there. But I think DC was not prepared for GL The Animated Series to be so in demand and do so well, so sensing they probably aren’t far enough along to actually be announcing anything about it. I think the rest of your guesses are very likely.

They did hint a big announcement so hoping we will be pleasantly surprised, don’t want to venture too much of a guess and overshoot it, but hopeful it will be something exciting.

I do expect the hear the release date for Krypton and hopefully talk of some improvements on the community aspect. And I know I said not to try to overshoot it but I just have a sense the comic book’s will continue to expand. Maybe just small updates every week but think we will possibly hear a bit more specifics on the future of the comics section.