My top 75 favorite Batman comics in order,

  1. Endgame
  2. The Dark Knight Returns
  3. The Killing Joke
  4. Zero Year
  5. Death Of The Family
  6. War of Joke and Riddles
  7. The Long Halloween
  8. Flashpoint
  9. Metal
  10. White Knight
  11. Injustice: Year One
  12. The Wedding
  13. Black Mirror
  14. Year One
  15. Under the Hood
  16. Court and City of Owls
  17. Hush
  18. Bruce Wayne: Murderer
  19. I am Bane
  20. Dark Prince Charming
  21. Dark Victory
  22. Superheavy
  23. Bloom
  24. Eternal
  25. All Star: Ends Of The Earth
  26. All star: My first ally
  27. Batman Beyond: Rise of the Demon
  28. Batman Beyond: Wired for Death
  29. Batman Beyond:: City of Yesterday
  30. Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond
  31. Batman Beyond: Escape
  32. Batman Beyond: Industaial Revolution
  33. Batman Beyond: Rewired
  34. Batman Beyond: Mark of the Phantasm
  35. Batman Beyond: Brave New Worlds
  36. Batman Beyond: Justice Lords Beyond
  37. Bride or Burglar
  38. Precludes to the Wedding
  39. Rules of Engagement
  40. Sins of the father
  41. Batman The Shadow
  42. Incorporated ( New 52)
  43. All Star: My Own Worst Enemy
  44. Gates of Gotham
  45. Hearth of Hush
  46. Haunted Knight
  47. A Death In The Family
  48. Earth One
  49. The Dark Knight: The Master Race
  50. Batman and Son
  51. Knightfall
  52. Europe
  53. Battle for the Cowl
  54. Incorporated
  55. Dark knight: A True Batman story
  56. Deathblow
  57. The man who Laughs
  58. Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader
  59. I Am Gotham
  60. I am Suicide
  61. Superpowers
  62. Night of Monster men
  63. TDKR: The Last Crusade
  64. Graveyard Shift
  65. Mad Love
  66. Final Cristis
  67. R.I.P
  68. Life After Death
  69. No Man’s land
  70. Absolute Joker
  71. Son of the Demon
  72. Year 100
  73. Arkham Asylum ( Grant Morrison)
  74. Gotham by Gaslight
  75. Eye Of The Beholder

I want to see other people lists too, make a long list as you can


Legends of the dark knight isn’t in your top 75? To each his own but that run is dope.

Don’t know about the ranking but Cold Days is one of my favorite arc in Tom King’s run.

That’s an impressive list, salmanabbass94.4052. I’m not sure I can come up with 75 entries (and my list will reach back into the Silver and Bronze Ages) but here goes.

  1. Batman: Year One
  2. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
  3. Batman: A Death in The Family
  4. The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge
  5. Daughter of The Demon
  6. The Killing Joke
  7. The Lazarus Pit
  8. The Demon Lives Again
  9. The Bruce Wayne Murder Case
  10. Night of The Reaper
  11. The Mystery of The Menacing Mask
  12. The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City
  13. The Million Debut of Batgirl
  14. Challenge of The Man-Bat
  15. Gotterdammerung
  16. The Laughing Fish
  17. The Batman of Tomorrow/Batman Vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes
  18. Half An Evil
  19. Superman and Batman…Brothers
  20. Power Players (Justice League)
    I guess I should have cited the books and issues, but if you are interested isn’t it more fun to hunt them down? God only knows there are dozens more that I have had the good fortune to read over the years, but that’s enough for now.