My thoughts on The Ray (2011)

I’m just going to say it, this four issue series was alot of fun. I only wish it was longer than it was. In the end it felt like we only scratched the surface of The Ray’s abilities and would have loved to discover more about him.

His relationship with his girlfriend was super cute! When he changed his ethnicity in #2 to try to get his girlfriend’s parents to like him was a very awkward and likely thing to do, if a person really had such powers. I do wish #4 ended in the theater because that was a very touching scene but I understand the tacked on open ending.

The villian introduced, in my opinion was a perfect adversary to The Ray. The redemption although cheesy was a nice wrap up that I didn’t mind.

The Ray using his odd hypnosis near the end was akin to Aang in Avatar the Last Airbender, pulling off a new move to defeat the baddy but I enjoyed it anyway.

The cherry on top was that this took place in SD.

I loved this series and would have overlooked it, if not for this app because I use the new 52 page on the DC comics wiki to find what to read and for some reason this is not on it.

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Along with My Greatest Adventure and Legion: Secret Origin, The Ray was one of my favorite mini-series from the batch of them that came out during the initial months of The New 52.

As for why The Ray doesn’t come up in regards to The New 52, from a branding perspective it’s not part of it. There were already 52 individual titles at the time of The Ray’s release, so it simply didn’t have The New 52 logo, but as far as I remember it is in that continuity. However, I don’t think that’s true for other mini-series that came out then like Penguin: Pain and Prejudice.

Anyway, a good series. It’d be fun to read while watching the Freedom Fighters: The Ray series on CW Seed to compare and contrast two different iterations of The Ray.

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It’s kind of funny that this topic comes up right as I’m starting to work on a fanfiction adaptation of the Freedom Fighters that uses the Lucian Gates Ray.

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@Vroom, ah that makes so much sense.

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