My thoughts on the Harley Quinn books on here (from both the 2013 and 2016 series).

I was taking a break early last week from reading Teen Titans and on a whim decided to give the 2016 Harley Quin a quick peak. I have never been a huge fan of the character but figured might as well try and issue or two since they are here and see what all the fuss is a bout. I know I picked the second series, but it had more issues so seemed like the best bet. Also wasn’t sure since they only had the first three issues of the 2013 series if it wasn’t half a storyline or not.

I am glad I did, the series was awesome. Good artwork from all the artist, a great story that managed to be a dark comedy with the emphasis on comedy and action and I liked it.

I was not completely up on the large supporting cast not having read any Harley Quinn books before now. But I loved what I saw. Red Tool is hilarious and his interaction with Harley was the best part of the series to me. I also loved the reimagined Egg Fu (however it is spelled), love when goofy characters of the past get revamped.

I also loved seeing Altee (AKA Tara) in the three parter she and Power Girl were in. She is one of my favorite of the lower tier DC characters, so was great to see her get a chance to shine, that was a nice surprise.

Only down side is I never got the Harley and Ivy relationship, and while the stories with Ivy in them were not bad, I still don’t get it. I mean they look good together but aside from that… not feeling it. But definitely didn’t hinder anything in the series.

The book was fun, dark and very creative. All the things you could want in a fun read.

Was so glad I gave it a chance, going through those 21 issues was the highlight of my time on here so far. (Well, that and getting to re-visit the Superboy TV show). I even read the three issues of the 2013 series we have on here, which I was happy to see in fact was not just half of a storyline.

I hope that more of both series will be on here in the future, especially the Rebirth series, which maybe it was just because I read more of it and the setting and characters were established by then, but was my favorite of them. So hope for more Harley Quinn, these two series, Harley’s Little Black Book, Gang of Harley’s (I think it was called), Heck maybe we can get the Harley Quinn and Power Girl mini-series back as a second chance once the current crop of second chance series (Manhunter, Checkmate and Red Robin I think the third one is) have rotated out. Bring it all on, I will gladly devour any Harley Quinn content you provide, you have made a fan of me.

But most of all, once more thanks for putting them on there. It was a fun ride!


I can’t get past the art, liked her Suicide Squad.

Wow they just added the entire run of the 2013 series… ask and ye shall receive… that is awesome.

Ive only read some of the rebirth run so far but I like the light hearted comedic tone of the series. It’s almost like DC is trying to mold Harley into their version of Deadpool

It’s CLOSE to her full 2013 series, the series went up to #30.

Yeah, I thought this was the entire run of her 2013 series, didn’t realize it was just shy. But I am not letting that phase me… it is still almost double the Harley Quinn they had before, and lots to read. So I am happy :slight_smile:

I’ve got the first issue downloaded. The writer is top notch! Jimmy Palmiotti, I just read his twelve issue Power Girl arc, it’s fantastic. Excited to see what he does with Harley

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