My Thoughts on The DCU's (Partially) Revealed First Chapter - Gods & Monsters

Some big things were announced by James Gunn regarding how the DCU will start off! There is a lot to talk about. But I’ll try and keep my thoughts on each announced project short and to the point. And it’s probably best to divide this into two sections. Now let’s begin…


Creature Commandos - Seems like a fun show. Don’t really have any thoughts because it is definitely the one true wild card of announced projects.

Waller - It’s strange that Amanda Waller is one of the few things that has managed to stick around in DC movies since 2016. Having her team up with some of the characters from “Peacemaker” show after revealing the existence of Task Force X presents a lot of intriguing storytelling potential.

Lanterns - It’s admittedly unclear if this is the same show that Greg Berlanti has been working on. (My thinking is it is, but I don’t have hard proof.) But seeing both Jordan and Stewart in a detective story together is really cool!

Paradise Lost - A show focused on Themyscira before Diana’s existence in the same vein as “Game of Thrones”? I never would have thought about it but it actually makes sense. The Greek Gods from DC Comics are huge @$$holes so I’m looking forward to what unfolds.

Booster Gold - Admittedly, I haven’t had a lot of exposure to this character. But I’m familiar a lot of people are - even winning an online poll from Gunn looking to see which character fans want to see the most. So congrats to all you fans! And I’m interested to see how he works on the small screen.

But before we get to the new movies, let’s look at this year’s movies. Gunn mentioned how Shazam’s movies are in their own corner of DC movies, which seems like he’ll be carried over which I’m happy about. Regarding “The Flash”, Gunn confirmed it will reset the DCU which is what a lot of people already assumed. Ezra Miller’s status beyond this is TBD. I’m OK with Blue Beetle being a part of the DCU since it seems like this universe will start off with already pre-established heroes. But having “Aquaman 2” most likely be a part of it? That seems iffy, but I’ll hold judgment later. Anyway, on to the new ones…

Superman: Legacy - It’s good to see this movie learn from Matt Reeves and skip re-telling the origin. And seeing it actually look at what makes Superman who he is especially in the modern age sounds to be a more reflective approach than other past Superman movies.

The Authority - Wasn’t expecting this to be announced. But looking at this next to the info for the new Superman movie, it’s clear that they want to adapt themes from the comic “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & The American Way?” (Ironically, I watched the animated movie adaptation the night before the announcement.) So it actually does make sense to have a team like this be in the universe if they want to add weight to their movies.

The Brave & The Bold - Also known as the new Batman & Robin. That’s right, this is a new Batman movie separate from Robert Pattinson that sees the Dark Knight meet his son, Damian Wayne. (No joke, the past few days I’ve been playing with the thought of a Batman & Robin movie also called TB&TB but featuring Dick Grayson. It’s bizarre this movie is this similar!) Seems like this movie will feature other members of the Bat Family - who they are remains to be seen. But I’m happy the Bat Family is getting the attention they deserve.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow - It remains unclear if Sasha Calle will star in this movie considering “The Flash” will serve as a universe reset. And I haven’t read the Tom King comic this is adapting. But it doesn’t need to clear a high bar to be better than the 80s movie.

Swamp Thing - In case you couldn’t tell from my profile pic, Swamp Thing is my favorite character ever. I thought the Wes Craven movie was great and I’m pissed that the TV show (which was great) was so quickly canceled. I was honestly a bit emotional to hear he was getting a movie. This is the one I’m looking forward to the most!


I’m so excited for it!!

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Calling @bookwormfitzpatrick.91230! Not sure if you heard about this or not, but James Gunn is making it happen!

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I AM GOING TO BE SO NORMAL ABOUT THIS MOVIEggffghjklbvcxzasdfghjkmnbvcxzasertyuknbvcxzxcvbnm


Okay THIS is a wild card, I’m kind of shocked Gunn and co are taking a chance on these relatively obscure characters.

GOD ITS FINALLY HAPPENING. My expectations are way too high and I’m so excited so nervous dear god please don’t mess it up.



God I hate James Gunn he’s a terrible person and I fear he’s going to massacre two of my favorite characters

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Do I focus on the 1 “A” or the 7 billion "H"s?

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Say what you want about Dwayne Johnson, his internal battle with DC executives that blindsided their corporate leadership, and led to the resignation of Walter Hamada as president of dc films. All for a black Adam led universe that failed to bring back a iconic superman. A shame absolutely, but none of Hamada incoherent multiverse vision for the DCU won’t happen now. Instead Gods and monsters provide a new yet iconic layout plan for films and tv projects.

Dwayne Johnson was for all intended purpose the anti-hero of the DCU. Somebody who came in, took down the bad guys and while his own plans failed, they led to other people to pick up the pieces to start something anew. That’s a beautiful story ripe for a documentary one day.


I don’t know which two characters you are referring to. But I should point out that while Gunn has been involved in a couple of these projects, he isn’t going to be directly involved in every project. And he has mentioned this isn’t going to be “the Gunnverse”. They are making an effort to make sure every director has their own style/voice attached to each project. It’s like how there are multiple comic book solo titles with their own separate style but they can still come together in a team book and manage to work together. That’s their intended approach going forward


I’m not sure how much of an impact Dwayne’s decision to go around the previous heads of DC Films to get a Henry Cavill cameo affected the changing of the guard. From what I have been keeping up regarding the Discovery purchase of WB, they were already going to set up a separate DC Studios with new leadership regardless of anything happening in already planned movies like “Black Adam”.


When I heard James Gunn was taking over DCU reboot, I had a feeling he might tackle Booster Gold. This character is right in his wheel house for his style of storytelling. I am excited and looking forward to laughing hysterically!

I always pictured Joel McHale as being a good Booster Gold. For those who know the character, any casting thoughts?


Someone suggested The Miz… probably too old at this point, especially if DCU really wants people who would be willing to commit to 15 years as the characters. But that is one of the better fan castings I have heard.


Welcome to the community


Welcome to the communuity! I adore Joel McHale, Community is one of my all-time favorite shows.


Welcome to the community @Edenzine60.97318! Joel McHale is an amazing cast idea!


Welcome to the community @Edenzine60.97318! I am right there with you - I have my eyes ready in anticipation of more news on Booster Gold. :eyes:

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :00_booster_gold:


I want to be excited, but I’m struggling. I was excited last time and the overall universe ended before it really got going. I don’t know how to feel. I most intrigued about Swamp Thing, but I would’ve loved to see the show continue because it’s longer storytelling and it was an awesome show.

I guess I’m just bah-hum-bug lately. James Gunn and DC are going to have to work really hard to get this customer back to the excitement I used to have for DC films. I hope they succeed and that I fall back in love with DC films again.


Totally agree with the doubt, but I do think DC couldn’t have picked anyone better than James Gunn & Peter Safran to figure out this rubix cube (or should I say motherbox). Sounds like they are reimagining the stories and characters
versus following the typical playbook which gets me excited (e.g., true detective green lantern series). On another note, haven’t seen the swamp thing series but heard it was good. Where can I watch it?

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It might be on HBO max? I’ll check

Update: it’s only on Apple TV and you have to pay for it. Maybe it’s On Demand?

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