My thoughts on Supergirl and seeing what other think

I wanted to put my thoughts out into the DC universe community and see where it lands with the other members on here.

So first off I was a big fan of the first season but started to fall off the second and third season due to the feeling that the show and writers where pushing there personal and political views on to the views no matter if you agreed with them or not.

Also just like Superman she is a symbol of hope and the American way. So I didn’t want to see it become a other way to divide people socially and politically. What I mean is for example was the gun debate and subsequential removal of lethal force from the D.E.O and lastly the Guardian situation. Cause as person that can’t see or understand that if in real life a black superhero was saving a young woman would be stopped by cops over several armed men shooting at them. I would like to think the officers involved would be start enough to judge the situation and see he was the protector of the woman not the aggressor( I love Guardian by the way)

Moving on to this season I feel so far they have found a nice balance in showing that not all people are evil or want to do harm just because they have different opinions and views. Granted they did have a rally against the aliens at the end of the episode that shown the underbelly of the crazy movements. ( Spoilers my bad!) Secondly on the transgender actress. I feel they didn’t push that on anybody… They just let you get to know the character. So for a men like myself that has his opinions on that subject ( which I won’t go into) I find myself wanting to see more of her character/ the real actress that’s playing Nia Nal.

In closing I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that is working on Supergirl for reinvigorating my interest in the show cause I didn’t want to stop watching but I almost did.

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I’m ready to stop watching it. I watch these shows for the action. More Supergirl, less of her sister and friends, please! But what is driving me away is the preaching. I am getting BLEEPING sick and tired of it. I fast-forwarded through much of the 2nd episode of this season every time someone climbed up onto their damn soap box.


I can see how the political theme might turn people off. I quite like Supergirl. The only CW show I was getting ready to quit was Arrow.

I skipped an episode of Arrow entirely for that reason. One they had about gun rights. I watch shows to escape the crap of the real world so it really pisses me off when the real world takes over these shows.


Thankfully the gun control episodes on Arrow & Supergirl were contained in one (maybe 1.5) episode(s). As a conservative and ICE-supporter, I’m worried about this entire season being political and painting all conservatives as extremists. I’ve only seen the premiere so far. Heard the 2nd was pretty preachy so I’m nervous. Glad to hear your take that they show both sides. Supergirl is actually one of my favorites; I’d hate to have to quit it because it becomes Super-Liberal. I’m with the other commenter—I just want to watch a superhero show and get away from politics.

As for Nia, I have a feeling the press is hyping her up more than she probably should be. In other words, just like when Alex came out, it’ll be the talk of the town for an episode or 2 to establish everyone’s feelings (and/or in this case, possible biases) about it, and then it’ll be no big deal. At least I hope so. I don’t wanna be beaten over the head with that too