My thoughts on Justice League International (2011)

After reading #1-12 and the #1 Annual, this is how I feel about this series.

My overall feeling after reading the Annual which was basically #13 was that the team that was Justice League International was never given enough time to develop.

Something that I wanted more of and was just a treat was Godiva. A character that I didn’t care about at all untill reading these books. I loved the relationship with Booster Gold that was being pushed.

The books started with a very large diverse team and quickly shook some of the team off for different cast members. Which I didn’t like but Omac was a good addition. Even still I would have liked to see more of Vixen.

Batman was involved in this of course and even though I liked him in the story, I would have liked him to not have been so involved.

Green Lantern was overall annoying and disrespectful. He never gained respect for Booster Golds leadership even after it seemed like he did. In the annual he leaves just because he decides that he doesn’t respect Booster again.

Booster Gold never got to develop as a great leader in this series and it’s a shame because something good was there.

In DC fashion this series ended with doors opening for most of the characters to be elsewhere and the wrap up was terrible.


I agree. I’m not sure why it was cancelled. I seem to recall it was among a fairly large group of the “52” that was trimmed back that month.


I quite enjoy this series. The team was a fun and diverse one, Guy Gardner was a prick like usual and it was fun to see Booster in charge.

@DE JLI ended in August of 2012, after the wave 2 New 52 titles debuted in May of that year. It sadly ended on its lonesome.

Part of me thinks JLI was planned for a year or so, as to eventually make way for the New 52 Justice League of America series (the one that Geoff Johns wrote for a bit). That JLA picks up where the JLI left off and was a government sponsored Justice League too.


We should phone in a tip to Jack Ryder and get the low-down.


Ryder huh? rubs chin in thought I don’t know…guy’s kind of a Creeper isn’t he?


I think one thing that hindered it was the reboot.

Generation Lost had just finished and the JLI was set to spin out of it.
Then New52 happened and the book got repurposed.
The cover got solicited three times because a member got taken out after the solicitations came out.
Their purpose for being was totally different from what the Generation Lost spin-off was set to be.

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Loved the 90s international league. Will try the newer stuff .