My Thoughts On Heroes in Crisis #8

To me it comes as more of writer not knowing what to do with a character. It’s just sad that fans want Wally and writers don’t know how to use him in the new rebirth universe. I honestly felt that Wally would be the Crux of the larger story going forward .


I don’t know much about Wally I am just confused by the cover up aspect of the story.The next issue better have a good explanation

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I didn’t think that it was possible for Wally to be redeemed, but the the more I think about it, it is possible… I’m not sure how, but Barry has been redeemed even though he destroyed the universe. He erased Wally and his family’s existence. He also erased other people’s kids and marriages, so really who is the bigger villain here. Barry for basically destroying the universe or Wally for this stupid story. I obviously don’t agree with Heroes in Crisis, but Barry’s mistake is much worse.

Being a long time fan of Wally’s since Flash #96 I was torn or still am I was stationed in Germany in the 1990s I had all but given up on comics when I walked in the base exchange and picked up part 1 of Terminal Velocity and was hooked on comics again especially Wally West…I think King has done a great job on handling Wally even if this is not how I pictured his ending if in fact it is his ending…maybe he will become one with the Speed Force in the end…

I haven’t actually read Heroes in Crisis because I don’t feel like paying any money for this kind of a story, but how did Wally see all of the videos. I remember Bart reading an entire library at one time in Teen Titans, but that was because he was reading. You can’t really watch something at super speed. If there is a movie that is two hours long then a speedster can’t make the movie go any faster, so how could he watch all these videos so quickly?

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That’s actually a good point.

I wonder about that too. On the other hand it could be that Wally went back in time several times in order to watch all of them within the same short period of time. (I’m of course not sure that is the case so this is just speculation.)

Im willing to see where it goes. Unfortunately its not like Wally had much going for him before HiC ever since the New 52.