my theory on the cw & the dc universe crossing over

So look my theory is that in infinite crisis that there doing on the cw they should instead of having Barry die or disappear like what happened in the comics they should make Barry some how collide the titans universe and the supergirl universe into the the arrow verse so that way we have a Superman from supergirl and we have a Martina manhunter & we know that from the titans universe Batman & Wonder Woman exists and we know in the cw that Batman exists so wats stoping them from colliding all these universes I feel it would make a lot of money and do a lot of fan service than maybe we could have a mini justice league series it’s a lot of pros and cons like the tons are different and it would mess up the history of the universes we already know but he’ll why not any way this is just my thoughts

I meant to say the tones of the shows are different