My Theory About A New Justice League Series In 2023

While there is currently no Justice League following the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. There was a roadmap that presented the Dawn of DC series planned for the foreseeable future with one of them showing if brighten, a new justice league book in the near future.

it’s a mystery when that potential title will come out, who will write it, and what the lineup will be, but I have some ideas:

                      Who Will Be The Writer?

While the writer could be anyone at this point, I speculate it might be Joshua Williamson as the writer for a JL ongoing. He’s currently writing the Green Arrow and Superman but soon he will write Batman and Robin. These are fairly popular titles and having a JL title for himself to add to the ideas and storylines he’s working on in other DC books right now.
This line in Dark Crisis might hint at what a revitalized Justice League might be like under Williamson’s direction.

                The Possible Justice League Team

The new legacy aspect might be following up on the new legacy characters from future State. I worried they were going to be featured heavily in Dark Crisis, it was fortunately about the more established DC heroes which was good. Williamson might be allowed to build up what he established there and work on the JL team he established in the Future State Justice League.

Composed of Yara-flor, Johnathan Kent, Jace Fox, Jess Chambers, Jo-mullein, and Andy Curry. The JL team in Future State has seen Yara, Jace, Jo, and Johnathan established as superheroes with the exception of Andy being a baby and Jess being on another earth. If they form a team, it would be lacking those two but it will work on what Batman said about a new kind of Justice League.

                       Potential Storyline

Now it’s an idea, but I have a feeling it’s going to be about the current events with Amanda Waller looking to eliminate the Metahumans with permission from these mysterious new enemies covered in the light. Alluding to the team of villains from the Young Justice TV show who seek to destroy the heroes of Earth and galactic domination

In #1 of Future State: Justice League. A new flash Jess Chambers was said to come to Earth Zero in the Future State timeline because they wanted to warn the heroes about a great conspiracy that affects their entire world.

Perhaps a young Jess from Earth 11 discovered the light by accident while traveling the multiverse and wanted to warn the heroes of Amanda Waller’s plans or maybe the Jess from the future State is going to arrive maybe with an older Andy to prevent Amanda Waller from enacting her plans on this earth.

                            Final Thoughts

This is where I’ll admit that Joshua Williamson has surprised me before, so if he does decide to just ignore his Future State team for something else that’s completely fine. Even if it’s not Joshua Williamson writing a Justice League team, I still thought to mention all the breadcrumbs here to work a possible plan for the future of a Justice League team.


I think the whole “new legacy” thing is either one of two things that are not the Future State stuff.

  1. We’ve already seen it, and it’s the move to have The Titans be the main DCU team.

  2. Instead of a standard Justice League we’ve been getting, we’re going to get a “Legacy” League where the team has members that represent as many of the eras of DC as possible. Like, we might get one or the “Future State” era characters, but we might get someone from the JSA, the Titans, Young Justice, maybe even throw in someone from the ancient past and/or the Legion of Super-Heroes, or some alternate Earths, that kind of thing.