My Room and the Many Things In It





Yes, I did. I didn’t realize at the time that I should have enclosed a S.A.S.E., and several actors never responded probably for that reason.

I originally wrote to the B.B.C. to get more information about the show and they sent an information packet:

It also came with a list of addresses. I sent out letters from 1984-1986.

Here are the other cards I got:

Tom Baker:

He signed on the back:

The envelopes from Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton. I probably wrote “R.F.D.2” poorly and so the top envelope says “Rifidiz”. :laughing:

Peter Davison’s personal manager sent this:

Anthony Ainley as the Master:

And he wrote on the back:

Nicola Bryant:

Ian Martin:

Note on the back:

Sarah Sutton:

Janet Fielding:

And a note from Colin Baker:

I also sent letters to the Brigadier, Leela, both Romanas, and Sarah Jane but had no response. I wish I had sent a S.A.S.E to the them, but I guess I am over 35 years too late for that. :rofl:


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:eyes: Wow! :+1:

Scooby and Thelma are the last two standing? Poor Daphne, Fred, and Shaggy.

Your collection is absolutely amazing @JollySteveTrevor2.0. :raised_hands:


It’s rough, but you know that’s how it would go down. :pensive:

Thank you much! I am just glad to have people to share it with who like looking at it! :smile:


That is so fun that the Dr. Who actors wrote you back. So cool!


I found a book you might like @JollySteveTrevor2.0.


Well, it’s on my wish list now! :grin:


Amazing collection!


In Stock Trades has it too.


Ah, my favorite website that you introduced me to.

I saved a lot of money thanks to you (and I also spent a lot of money too :laughing:).


You’re welcome and I’m sorry. :rofl:


I actually always loved the I-Ching era outfits but then I tend to like fashions from that era tremendously, but yes, as an action outfit, this holds up nicely.

Yes - this is the main flaw, the ‘pouches’ effect, but for the girls.

@JollySteveTrevor2.0 Happy Belated

Still more than the number of Superman figures I own, even if I count Superman family related figures. But how do you get from 126 to


Good catch on the math. I must have looked at the wrong shelf totals. Now we have accurate Diana totals. That will be important moving forward. Thanks.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!


Black Friday Special: Two more shelves.

These are shelves my father built in the 70’s and I was lucky to get when he retired and was downsizing. I had to wrestle with my conscious to cover them with things, but I figured I had seen them uncovered for 40 years so maybe this would be okay for a change. I used 3m Command Strips™ and they seem to come off easy. I hope.

On the top we have various Warrior Nun Areala figures. In the 90’s these were all the rage. Now, I picked them up for nothing. Such are the vicissitudes of time, all to my advantage.

Axe Cop, Alligator Loki, and the beginnings of my Kraft food Trinity figures, along with the 2023 Smurfs and some of my Mcfarlane WW collection.

The books are mostly high-end boxed sets. So much Tolkien.

More Warrior Nun and Kraft Trinity. My Harry Potter wand (Snape). Angry Birds Star Wars that were in a random bag of flea market toys. Mcfarlane WW’s and Warduke, plus Smurfs from 2022 and 2021. Also, more boxed sets. I put them on top of a shelf for easy dusting (compared to regular books).

More Warrior Nun, more Angry Birds, WW bank, some vintage Star Wars, and a Monkey King Mecha, more boxed sets, some Journey to the West ceramic figs and dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden. What an eclectic group!

Journey to the West, new Droids figures (I never could afford the old ones), and a lego Sean Connery from Indiana Jones.

The beginning of my WW cars, Indy himself, and Dr. Aphra.

So many sunglasses. The pair in the middle I bought recently. My parents bought me a pair of them in 1977 and gave them to me as they picked me up on the last day of school to head to Gram and Gramps camp in Rangeley, ME. Good memories.

Marvel characters, and some Egyptian gods (Anubis and Bastet) from the Boston Museum of Fine Art. My brother and were members for a year and went every month. We managed to see everything by the end.

The party favors and such hanging here used to be on the wall under the windows, but since I just built two new shelves I had to rearrange a lot of stuff. When I am done I will post the shelves.

WW Mego 18” and new Smurfs round out this panel.

Trelane was my favorite original Star Trek villain. Spiral just has a look. Some more WW. Star Wars Carl Weathers and Ming-Na Wen (they were both at Rhode Island Comic Con. I have proof:)

(I would have met Ming-Na, but I just would have blurted out “Hi” and blushed and giggled and shuffled away and I don’t need that kind of embarrassment in my life right now).

More WW cars, and some D&D figs based on First Edition book art.

WW cars, and more D&D.

I bought one figure from each new Star Wars show. Also had to get the Black Hole figs. Still love that movie so much. No idea why.

(Maybe stuff like this?)

A couple more shows, Old Bob, and Godzilla. This Godzilla is a mini-version of my giant Shogun Warriors one so I had to get him. I like how he has to face sideways because of the tail.

A whole lot of WW, and some Journey to the West shadow puppet dolls. My man Steve Trevor makes an appearance.

And some more WW. Do I have too many? We’ll see.

To be continued in Part Two.


Black Friday Special Part II

A sneak look inside the shelves. Could someone who keeps things so neat be messy inside the shelves? The answer will shock you!

Or maybe it won’t. Depends how easy you are shocked, I guess. I mean, it is a little messy.

D&D computer games, 1991 AD&D card boxed set, various dice and minis, Smurfs and Groo lunch boxes, Groo ornament, and some NSFW figures (Not Safe For Wife :rofl: I had them up for years and one day she politely requested they head out for parts unknown. Alas for poor Shandris Feathermoon, Garona, Amber, and Sylvanas Windrunner (I was into the comic book for a hot minute there. Never played the game).

All the stuffed animals. I couldn’t throw them away because the Island of Misfit Toys traumatized me as a kid. :laughing: So now they chill in what used to be a shelf with a wine serving set. I guess I didn’t take after my parents in all things.

The wine bottles area is now a spot for random knick knacks. Anybody remember Weebles or the Barbapapas? UPS and Home Depot truck are my recent resume, just need a moving truck and the past 30 years is fully represented.

I framed the “Mr. Peanut goes country” ad. It still makes me laugh all these years later.

Second shelf. Mego Vicki from Love Boat (loved that show even though I was too young to be ogling the Swedish Bikini team), my Yo-Yo collection (I can walk the dog, man on the flying trapeze, eat spaghetti, and I throw a mean sleeper), and many books.

My record collection include Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk, The Hobbit, and several Smurfs albums (they are so bad. Like, you don’t even know just how bad they are).

The two clocks are from Germany. My Uncle brought one back from his military service in the 60’s, and I found the other at a flea market.

So many mandolin playing books, and some random stuff. The binders are more trading cards.

Vintage 1800’s books, mostly in Greek, Latin, or French (languages I have been trying to learn forever), and Mego Spider-Man.

A bunch of book and records sets. You can read along in the books. You will know it is time to turn the page when R2-D2 beeps, like this: Beep. Let’s begin.

These were technological marvels back in the day. The tv would show a slide and as the record progressed, the slides would change. Hours of absolute delight.

A peek inside the red case. More Journey to the West guys than you can shake a stick at.

This post is getting wonky so it will continue in part III.


Black Friday Special Part III

Secret things from inside the bookcases.

I keep all of these race medals in a drawer in the bookcase. I ran over 50 marathons and ultramarathons, but most of the swag is from the Disney races. Did those three times. The quahog shells are for a 50k race on the beach at Cape Cod in February. I also did a couple of snowshoe marathons (bottom right), and the Vermont 100 (bottom left). The belt buckle is for the Ghost Train 100. That was a race I created. It started small with under 30 finishers for a 15 mile race in 2009. When I stepped away after eight years, we had around 300 finishers for between 7.5 miles (relay race) and 115 miles. It was fun being a race director but became way too much work, so I retired. Can’t run anymore so I am no longer involved in the community. Looking at these is kinda bittersweet, but that is life.

Some more vintage Marvel greeting cards. They are blacklight cards. Someday I might get a blacklight to look at them.

Original D&D and some other RPG’s. I did not personally chew them. :grin:

All of the Car Wars pocketboxes.

I have a complete collection of pre-1983 D&D and AD&D modules. Here are some.

and here are more. Love the art, especially Erol Otus.

Wonder Bread Star Wars cards, some of which I got from an actual loaf personally. I miss getting prizes in food. I also have the complete vintage card sets of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. They made a lot of them. It takes up two albums.

One of my stamp albums. I collect Greek (1864-modern), World (1860’s- early 1900’s), and… Nudes. My wife wanted for me to collect stamps but I didn’t want to. She asked me to pick a topic and I picked nudes figuring she would never get me any. I should have known better because I now have a world-class collection. :rofl: It’s mostly renaissance art so very tasteful.

And yes, they made a Star Wars Stamp Collecting Kit. Some card sets, including all 4 AD&D Monster Card sets.

Love my vintage Star Trek books, and especially the bumper stickers.

There is a thread on this forum about minatures and wargaming that made me want to check out my old minis. My wife and I painted them together in college (early 90’s). I was making a chess set of them.

We made so many.

Ended up getting more than just the chess set. Never did play chess with them.

Here comes the cavalry!

The dwarves and elves were pawns.

As were the skeletons.

The elven archers on the right were us. Awww. How romantic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So a lot of stuff in those shelves! I didn’t photograph half of it. So much stuff, a lifetime of collecting. It’s been a really fun hobby.

Shelves 6 and 7 totals:
Books: 192 (a lot of Smurfs children’s books, but books nonetheless)
Journey to the West: 9
Wonder Woman: 35

Totals so far:
Books: 1,323
Journey to the West: 168
Wonder Woman: 163

The race is getting close! Who will win? Tune in to future installments to find out. :smile:


I remember Weebles! Weebles wobble, but they can’t get down! Oh wait, fall down. I also have those three Star Trek books.



Those books are not necessarily a fun read but they are awesome to have for reference and nostalgia.