My Reasoning for NOT Seeing The Flash

“The Flash” is finally about to hit theaters after years of development Hell. In case your someone who is on the fence about seeing it, let me explain why I eventually decided to not see this movie.

My first reason deals with Ezra Miller. It’s no secret Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole has a history if pushing artists and celebrities despite whatever scandals they have. And this connects to a similar topic of how much should we separate an artist’s personal life from their work. Both are complex topics with very few if any clear cut answers. For example - I don’t like that Mel Gibson still gets work. But I still watched and enjoyed “Hacksaw Ridge”. A lot of this comes down to how an individual person views an artist and what has come out about that artist’s personal life and should ideally be judged on a case-by-case basis.

But looking at Ezra Miller, I just feel they have done too much for me to simply ignore. It would be one thing if it was just them getting into publoc altercations. But in addition, they have charges that include child grooming/manipulation, inappropriately interacting with minors, burglary, hosting a family with young children on a farm where they have unguarded access to various firearms and being exposed to marijuana smoke with no proper ventilation…needlessly to say, there is A LOT against Ezra Miller. And I almost forgot how Ezra literally went on the run from the police and made online posts mocking them for not finding them.

It should be noted that Ezra has made a public apology and is currently undergoing mental health treatment. Now, I don’t want to belitte or insult anyone’s struggle with their mental health. But this should not be an excuse that just swipes away everything Ezra is being charged with. Not to mention the people involved in Ezra’s life that maybe should have done something to help prevent things from getting to this point. Admittedly, I’m not directly involved in any of this and I’m probably missing a little context. But again, there is too much here for me to ignore. The only thing I can do as an individual to show I don’t want to continue supporting Hollywood’s habit of just ignoring scandals is by not seeing this movie.

Another big reason I’m not seeing this movie does ultimately tie back to the cancelled “Batgirl” movie. I understand if your tired of people complaining about this decision. But let me try and put it in a slightly different light. I don’t want to argue whether or not the Batgirl movie was as bad as some people claim it is, because then we’re just discussing hypotheticals. But even if “Batgirl” was a bad movie…I would honestly still prefer to watch that movie over “The Flash”. Part of that is personal because I’m a bigger fan of Barbara Gordon. But also, it feels like “Batgirl” would be taking a bigger risk. Yes, this one also had Michael Keaton back as Batman. Yet “Batgirl” seemed to be willing to tell a more intimate, character-focused story as opposed to telling another story where they have to deal with a universe level disaster. Plus, not only would we have a movie that doesn’t have anyone with legal issues like Ezra, WB-Discovery wouldn’t permanently damage their relationship with film-makers by straught up cancelling an almost done movie.

At the end of the day, I don’t feel comfortable supporting a movie that has someone like Ezra Miller. And I don’t like how WB-Discovery pushing this movie in addition to how they treated “Batgirl” potentially says about their decision making for DC movies moving forward. And one small reminder…this movie doesn’t actually need to be successful as long as it simply resets their cinematic universe. So I feel like there is no genuine stakes to this movie anyway.

One last thing I want to say - I’m NOT going to judge anyone that does go to see this movie. I completely understand if your a Flash fan that wants to see your favorite hero on the big screen. Or if you want to see Michael Keaton back as Batman. Or maybe you are capable of seperating Ezra’s issues from your movie going experience. And if you want to come back and tell me why you enjoyed the movie, I’m open to discussing that. And I’m sorry if this post makes me come off in a condenscending or negative light, that wasn’t my intention.


I cannot bring myself to watch it until it is confirmed that Miller is no longer working for DC. I cannot risk potentially supporting further employment for Miller.


All that is true. Never liked Ezra Miller for the Flash before the scandals but the fact they still were working with Warner bros after the blowback is what baffles me. I don’t say cancel the movie because I would feel bad about all the people who worked behind the scenes and on the actresses who plays supergirl(Sasha Calle) and the new Iris West(Kiersey Clemons). She got screwed over in the Josh whedon Justice league and it would suck if it would happen again.

Keaton Batman would have been nice to see but I never watch a movie simply on nostalgia alone. The Star Wars Sequel trilogy taught me that lesson that just because it brings back memories of your favorite characters doesn’t mean you should watch it. If anything you should be concerned about it.

I didn’t like they canceled Batgirl but a part me was glad because I still was confused by the continuity like keeping jk Simmons as Jim Gordon was weird as well as Michael Keaton Batman. Hopefully @EDT we see her again in the likely better future with Batman and Robin. Honestly I wanted the flash movie they were working before they decided Flashpoint. I hear it was time travel story that was more like a comedy in the vain of back to the future.


Back to the Future has many very very dark scenes.


Have you seen the John Mulaney bit about how he thinks “Back to the Future” was pitched?


I really don’t approve of Ezra Miller and i hope he does not continue to be employed by DC. I am still going to see The Flash though. My first reason came about years ago because my favorite actress (who was also a close personal friend) appeared in both a movie and a TV show featuring actors who did some very bad things. I figured if I boycotted that movie and that TV show, I would more or less be punishing her for what someone else did. Movies and TV shows are collaborative projects, and I don’t like denying residuals to innocent people because of something a co-star did. Second, I want to see Michael Keaton on the big screen again, not to mention Sasha Calle as Supergirl. Third, I have always been a Flash fan.
Here I want to stress I am fine with people not wanting to see The Flash because of Ezra Miller. I fully understand. I really don’t like that he is in the movie and I won’t be buying any merchandise that bears his image.


I understand and respect your reasoning


I almost never support boycotting, but this is a rare example where I think it is very reasonable.


I’m also skipping the film. The trailers didn’t do much for me and the whole situation with Ezra/Gunn makes me want to see it even less.


I’m of course happy for fans who are excited :green_heart: but…personally, I always vote w/ my wallet and my wallet will NOT be opening for this movie, unless one key thing happens. :moneybag::woman_judge:t2: Especially when there are other actors I’d MUCH rather see return to their roles instead. It’s the principle of the matter. :point_down: This.

As far as Bats go, selling Keaton more than the lead is a major turn off, and I too @EDT am still bitter that they disrespected BG—both w/ this same overall promo and that they canceled it. That being stated…

Side note: Maybe it’s just me, but I won’t pretend BG’s movie seemed like it was going to be particularly amazing (Sorry, y’all, but I felt she deserved better from the start. :no_entry_sign:), so I can only hope they have something FAR bigger/long term/more worthy of my home girl, Babs, in store. (HINT, WB: :00_birds_of_prey: :00_batgirl1: :birds_of_prey_club_oracle: :00_suicide_squad: :00_black_canary: :00_huntress2: Trust me, your share holders will appreciate the extra cash that will come from diversifying and creating more consumers. :roll_eyes: This isn’t rocket science.)


Reminder that Ezra Millers uses they/them pronouns. Thank you @EDT for using those properly


My Reason for Not seeing The Flash…



I think it’s just going to hurt. Man of Steel is one of my all time favorite movies. To see it erased is kind of hard. Like, high school me would be so sad.

I don’t care about Filthy Frank’s cousin.


I’m gonna see it anyway because a lot of the people in movies are awful the flash actor is just one a lot of people know about and I don’t want to stop watching movies altogether so I’m not gonna start here


Man, I remember having an assignment dedicated to this topic in my first year of college. Not Ezra Miller, but the idea of the ‘Artist vs. the Art’. The whole class had to get together on this and have a full discussion on it. A little intense, but pretty fun. The professor had given us our example film, that being American Beauty w/ Kevin Spacey. I wish I could’ve saved my argument because it was probably one of the most comprehensive assignments I’ve ever worked on :laughing:

For those who don’t know about the story of American Beauty, it’s pretty much about a father who’s having a sort of mid-life crisis and crushes on his daughter’s friend, while the family is very disconnected. He starts to get a bit weird throughout the movie. Of course a few years ago, the MeToo movement happened and Kevin Spacey was accused of assault and of course his behavior reflected what his character was doing in the film. Now that that’s out of the way…

My argument was that the art should be separated from the artist. The movie that this controversial actor worked on should be separated from the story that’s been made. American Beauty was for sure a bit of an uncomfortable film to watch but the movie presented a pretty good example of what the current state of U.S. families were like at the time. They were heading into a new century, standards were changing, etc. etc. What Kevin Spacey did does for sure make the movie much more weirder to watch, but to cancel the film and hide it as if it never existed because of one person’s actions, that takes away from the ‘art’ that everybody else took part in. Unfortunately, we kind of live in a world where, when 1 person makes a mistake, the rest fall too. Just like cops, one a**hole cop does something bad, then the rest are looked at in a bad light.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Now comparing this to Ezra Miller, I understand why many people don’t want to see The Flash. Hell, I was one of those people who said, “Nope. Not seeing it”. Then the trailers and promos were released and I said, “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS.” Of course one of my main reasons is to watch is because of Keaton, but I do want to see the first film on The Flash, and I want to know how this current DCU ends. Just like Spacey, do his actions put a stain on the film? Of course it does. Am I watching this to support Miller? No! I’m watching because I’m a Flash and comic book fan.

To be honest, I didn’t really like Miller for some reason, and this was WAAAYYY before all these incidents came out. You just get vibes from some people. I’m still debating if I should see this in theaters. I think this is going end up being a streaming film for me


The whole “Separating the Artist from their Art” is a very complex topic. Regarding your example of “American Beauty”, I’m OK with focusing in just Spacey’s performance. It helps that his character is shown as someone with flaws and isn’t held up as this ideal standard we shouod aspire to be. But rather focuses on his willingness to not do things simply because it’s expected of him and the film encourages to look to the lesson and idea his character followed as opposed to the character himself.

“The Flash” is a bit different. We are going in to the movie’s opening weekend fully aware of all accusations against the actor. And when it comes to promoting the film, there are two worrying decisions. First is that they are pushing the nostalgia factor a little harder than they might have normally been doing so. To me, that is them showing they are aware of how much of a hot issue their main star is but are trying to make us all forget about it. And this all connects to Hollywood has still tried banking off of actors and people with serious accusations and behaviors, and it sends the message that making money is more important than acknowledging the serious issues and trying to make these people face consequences. The second decision they have made regarding this film is troublesome is them not only remaining open to working with Ezra again but even the director praising Ezra and saying he personally can’t see anyone else playing the character. Again, not only is this sending a message that Hollywood doesn’t care about consequences and solving deeper issues in how they conduct business, but it’s a bad idea for the brand new DC Studios still maintaining ties to someone like Ezra when they are trying to start off on a fresh page moving forward. I think it’s common sense to just recast Ezra but that is admittedly just my opinion.

But I get what your ultimately saying. The situation with Ezra is more extreme and unique than most so it is trickier to discuss in certain aspects.


That’s the part I wanted to get into , but forgot to implement. Idk if u can tell, but I was actually in a rush typing this, so I didn’t get into that part.

I will come back to that later, but I do agree with what you said.


I only want to see the movie for Sasha Calle, literally nothing else.


She does look cool, I’ll admit that. I hope people say good things about her because part of me wants her to star in the “Woman of Tomorrow” movie


The fact that my B-Man Michael Keaton is being hyped over Miller, in what’s supposed to be Miller’s own movie, is just icing on the cake for me. Miller’s a :poop: and he’s brought this whole terrible PR saga on himself. Never felt he was convincing as Barry either. In my eyes this is and always will be the true Flash IRL:

:purple_heart: :00_flash:
(big shoutout to John Wesley Shipp as well :+1: :00_flash1:)

Thoroughly agreed with you here Queen @Razzzcat. :+1:

My gurrrlll has been taking a beating these days around the DC creative offices, what with her movie getting canceled, the Batgirls book being shut down, and now the fact that it looks very much like she’s not going to be playing a prominent role in Kelly Thompson’s BOP relaunch this Fall. :frowning_face: But 'ya know what? It’s 'gown be alright 'cuz my gurrrlll weathers all storms that come her way with grace, strength, and tenacity. Because that’s just who she is. That’s the aspect about her that BG detractors like Len Wein never understood- she overcomes any and all tragedy that comes her way. ALWAYS. Mm hmm.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :00_batgirl1:

I have to see The Flash film 'cuz I have been waiting and hoping for this day for almost thirty-four years now:

Keaton as B-Man is is my core :00_dc_2016: fandom moment. Without this I might never have discovered this absolutely wonderful place we call the DCU. I might never have become a BG fan. And I might never have met and interacted with all of you wonderfully amazing peeps. When the Miller scenes come up in the film I’ve got a go to in order to get through it-


But I can’t miss my guy back in the cowl again. I just can’t. :smiley: And without a doubt I def respect and honor y’all’s reasons for not wanting to watch the movie and I support you all. :hugs:
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