My Ranking of all 40 DCAOM

Worst to best. Times I watched is in parentheses.

1 star

  1. Batman vs. Robin (2) -A love it or hate it film that unfortunately I hate.

  2. Son of Batman (2) -Batman lectures about not killing while feeding the minions to sharks and dropping stadiums on them.

  3. Batman Gotham Nights (2 attempts) - See below

  4. Green Lantern Emerald Knights (1)- I hate anthology films so these are not my cup of tea. In addition, the segments are too generic.

  5. Batman the Killing Joke (1)- If not for Hamill’s performance this would be the bottom pick and likely have zero stars.

  6. Wonder Woman Bloodlines (1)- I literally LOLed at a few dramatic moments. If not for that this might be the bottom pick. The most forgettable movie here.

2 Stars

  1. Justice League Dark (1)- I kept hearing how great it is, but I just found it boring. I am sure a general poll would have it much higher.

  2. Batman and Harley Quinn (1)- Has the worst moments in the line, but Booster saved it.

  3. Suicide Squad Hell to Pay (1)- I should say I am the opposite of a Suicide Squad fan (more on this at number 16), but I know most fans liked it. I did love Copperhead.

  4. Superman/Batman Apocalypse (1)- I hated Batman and Wonder Woman in it, did not care for Supergirl, but Clark and Darkseid were well done.

  5. Batman Bad Blood (1)- All those heroes and villains were perfectly balanced, as nobody had enough screen time. Despite that the action was very good, and Dad kept calling it “cool.”

  6. Batman Hush (1)- It had some good comedy, but everything else was lacking. I am not a fan of the comic, so I actually like it more than many viewers.

  7. Justice League vs. Teen Titans (1)- 3 movies as protagonist and Damian is finally a good character. Terrible pacing, and lying title, but it had good fights and drama.

  8. Batman Gotham by Gaslight (1)- Unlike most viewers I thought the buildup was bad, but the twist was interesting. My dad was so confused about everything.

  9. All-Star Superman (2)- Very good the first time, but just dull and no focus on repeat viewings. The score is great. Probably the most divisive DCAOM.

  10. Superman Man of Tomorrow (1)- No consistent quality averaged out to a slightly poor film. Parasite and J’onn were great. Lois, Lex, Clark, the animation, and the climax were poor. I kept hoping the heroes would leave, so I could see more Parasite.

3 Stars

  1. Superman Red Son (2)- A love it or hate it movie, but I thought it had hordes of good and bad that averaged out to decent. Batman, Bizarro, and the fights were great. Wonder Woman, Lois, and Lex were terrible. An average movie that everybody has strong opinions on except for me. This is my brother’s favorite comic, and he refuses to watch it, because of its reputation.

  2. Wonder Woman (1)- The Wonder Woman movies are just forgettable. I consider her to be a much better side character than lead.

  3. Justice League Doom (2)- Plenty of great fights and acting and a stupid, stupid plot. Entertaining popcorn movie. Mom was so mad at the language.

  4. Justice League War (2)- Stupid plot, mean spirited, unlikable “heroes,” pointless, and I rooted for Darkseid the whole time. That is why I like this movie. I cannot blame anyone for saying this is number 40, but I found it to be so bad its good.

  5. Superman Unbound (1)- I kept hearing this was bad. I disliked the opening scenes, but I really loved the Clark/Brainiac rivalry, and their battle.

  6. Justice League the Throne of Atlantis (1)- Are my Dad and I the only people who like it?

  7. Flashpoint (2 ½ but only one complete viewing)- I keep hearing this is a masterpiece, but the animation is ugly, and I do not find the Flashpoint universe intriguing. It still has some great fights and dramatic moments.

4 Stars

  1. Teen Titans the Judas Contract (1)- Too many characters, bad development for Terra, Deathstroke does something stupid so he loses, and the beginning scene has nothing to do with the movie. Despite that it has a great plot, Deathstroke and Terra were great villains, the fights were great, and Beast Boy’s teen drama was surprisingly good.

  2. Batman Assault on Arkham (1)- This is not a Batman film but a suicide Squad film. It takes everything about a team I hate and fixed it. The film remembers the whole time that they are villain protagonists, and they get their revenge on Waller.

  3. The Death of Superman (2)- Terrific on the technical level and getting both comedic and tragic scenes. Unfortunately this was not enough story for an eighty minute movie.

  4. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (3)- Stupid plot, but very entertaining, and the big dramatic moment hit hard.

  5. Batman Year One (2)- Batman’s actor could have been better, but everything else was great. The style reminded me of the Animal Farm movie.

  6. Justice League Dark Apokolips War (1)- Had problems with shock value and wasted potential, but very entertaining, surprisingly funny, and it is a rare superhero movie about watching heroes fail.

  7. Superman Doomsday (3)- I never got the dislike. I do not like the art, but the fights are great, the comedy and Lex are great, Lois is great, and The Eradicator is terrifying. Reign of the Supermen is the better part of the story for a movie, and they wisely prioritized it. My dad, brother, and I all had a great time watching it.

  8. Superman Vs. The Elite (2)- Another love it or hate it movie, and I love it.

  9. Green Lantern First Flight (2)- A rock solid origin movie with a terrific climax. I really wish it got a sequel.

  10. Justice League the New Frontier (1)- Big praise for focusing on the non-Trinity members of the team.

  11. Justice League Crisis on Two Earths (3)- Sure the Rose scenes are terrible and some of the fights drag on, but the villain protagonists are amazing, most of the fights really click, and the script is terrific.

5 stars

  1. Reign of the Supermen (3)- Sure it has the stupid scene where the Justice League is taken out, but I loved the fights, Clark’s return, the hopeful ending (it somehow always makes me forget about JLDAW), and the Supermen’s development. Dad and I loved watching it all three times.

  2. Justice League Gods and Monsters (2)- Another love it or hate it. I loved it, and dad left before it was over deeming it too depressing. This is the same guy who had no problem with The Plague Dogs. The score is great, the heroes are amazing reimaginings, the villain is very complex, and the murder mystery angle was great.

  3. Batman under the Red Hood (2)- The typical number 1 pick. Everything is well done or amazing, but nothing really surprised me.

  4. Justice League vs the Fatal Five (2)- A perfect movie for my favorite show. Embodies it perfectly.

  5. The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (I have no idea)- Best fights of all 40 movies, second best score, second best acting, and a solid adaptation of my favorite two comics.

6 Stars

  1. The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 (many times)- This movie changed my life. I was miserable and unemployed. This inspired me to seek out a job, look for night jobs, and become a deontologist. It remained an inspiration to me to keep going to work during the Covid fiasco (I am essential).