My question is...The Question?

Any chance there is a plan to put The Question online? That was a fun series and I’d love to have all of them to read again.


I don’t have anything to share in the way of plans or updates, but others have shared this particular request, so we’re aware of the interest :slight_smile: Will let them know you’d like to have such, too!


There’s an excellent Question…

What I can tell you is that DC Universe has told other news sources that 52 is going up on-site soon! So that’s something, at least.

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Just catching up cuz was lost in comics. Reading 52 now. Saw u already mentioned it, but Victor/Charlie/Question is great. Love the team up with Renee Montoya too.

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Thats a tough one because of its adult theme.

Always hear great things about his solo book never had a chance to read it though

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@DCCOMICSINCRISIS If DC Universe can host Identity Crisis, and if they can keep dropping the F-Bomb on Titans, then “adult themes” should not be a problem.


For the record, I very much would like to see this series on the service as well, but it does appear to be available for purchase on Comixology.

I’m putting my vote in as well. This is one of those stories I never got around to back in the day.