My Problem With Martian Manhunter (Help)

Watching episodes of the old Justice League show I’m reminded of the importance that Martian Manhunter plays on the team. What I don’t like about the character is that he’s a martian. Mars is far to close to Earth. I know I sound crazy. I like this character’s origin, personality, and powers but it is just hard to imagine this hero from a thriving civilization that’s so close to our own.
Whatever retcons and changes have been made to his story I always find it weird. Superman’s from Krypton probably lightyears away. The Green Lanterns fight different aliens every month in an expanding universe. Am I really just crazy? Does Mars in the Martian really not matter?
It seems as if I’m looking for realism in such a fantastical world of stories but it still bothers me.

Jonn originated as a backup to Detective Comics in the mid 1950s, where his origin was set.

I doubt there was little thought about him coming from Mars at the time. The emphasis was him as a police detective, since it was in sync with the name of the title. There was little science fiction therein.

His look partially comes from John Carter of Mars, except he had two arms not four.

Mankind has been interested in Mars since there were powerful telescopes. In the 19th century, it was thought there were canal on Mars. Water meant life. The Mars Probe found elements of primitive life, if maybe in the past.

Different series have different ideas on Mars

In Young Justice, it was stated that Jonn has hundreds of relatives. The Martian Community lived deep underground. They could watch TV. But Ms Martian is a White Martian. She is also far older than she looks, though still a teenager in terms of Martian Physiology.

Probably all stories agree that there are a lot of White Martians still exsisting, but they wiped out the Green Martian out. The question is when.

In Supergirl, Jonn has been on earth for more than one hundred years. Green Martians no longer exist, but White Martians do.

For New Frontier to make sense, Green Martians still exist on Mars.

On Justice League Animated, he is the last survivor, but it is not clear when that happened.

Justice League recently had a young Jonm meet a young Lex Luthor, making things more messed up. It is a good story but flies against all logic.

I am not sure what the current mini series on Jonn. I own the series but have not read through because of the strange art style. It may be set the 1950s, because Jonn is no longer a detective and the 1950s series had the same femame partner.

A write who cared about a consistent science fiction origin for Jonn would state Jonn was teleported from Mars decades ago for Earth but hundreds of years for Mars.


Thanks! I like the idea that John was teleported to Earth long before where we are at in the timeline now. It still kinda weirds me out. Martians to me seem like something that is more from Earth 2. I like the idea of John coming from an alternate dimension Mars. For me it makes the idea of an entire alien living so close by make a bit more sense.

J’onn was created before even Sputnik was launched and long before man landed on the moon. At that time, Mars might as well been light years away. For all intent and purposes, it basically was, or certainly perceived as such.

I think Dan Cook’s story and setting works and so do the older stories. With where we are at now I think his story needs a small update.


Who is Dan Cook?

I didn’t understand your reply.

Oops I got the name wrong it’s Darwyn Cooke author of Justice League New Frontier.


In the New Frontier, the United States thinks there are life on Mars.

But that is based on what?

All they have is the inhuman footprint, but perhaps they obtained his notes, which would mention Mars.

Jonn certaintly thinks there is life on Mars currently, or he would not have attempted to be on board the rocket.

But he could be wrong, and the teleporter went back in time, as well into space

As for Young Justice, they may be thousand of Martians in caves in Mars, as Jonn says, but they are white martians, not green.

How the current Jl with Lex and Jonn works, I dont know.

his notes


Notes of scientist who had a heart attack and died.