My opinion? DC should do an Earth 3 series!

Don’t you wish Forever Evil were a live action series?

Here’s an idea:

DC Comics could try producing an Earth 3 series where the opposite Justice League, the Crime Society, are criminals fighting to survive and keep order, the resistors are well-meaning rogues who mostly have lives and families at stake, but in the end, the battle is futile; they know it and so they fight against the freedom fighters to keep order and resume their criminal dealings?

I think the series could have a lot of potential, drama, angst, etc.

I’m thinking something like a live action version of the Flashpoint Paradox movie, only with Earth 3 characters.

I would also like it from the Earth 3 Joke(ste)r’s point of view, because he was an amazing character in the Countdown series, and insane characters are fun POV characters. If not, a split POV between Earth 3 Joke(ste)r and Owlman.

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I love the Crime Syndicate! If it were up to me, each Earth would get a monthly series.