My Idea For a BvS movie (DC Comics Public Enemies)

The outline would be this movie picks up after man of steel and a solo dark knight returns movie where the batman returns to end the joker. The backlash is that president Lex Luthor’s reign begins with his 1st order of business is to establish a friendship with superman for what he calls truth justice, and the American way. Superman also wants to show that he is not the world’s enemy and tries to play ball with the government, and luthor’s 2nd order would be to destroy the threat of the murdering Batman, behind the scenes he hires Deathstroke to frame batman at an attempt attack on Luthor. With the world watching Luthor asks superman to bring the batman into justice whatever it takes . The story arc has Clark questioned if he is doing the right thing by following the government orders while batman tries to bring down luthor’s corrupt regime, prepares to battle superman.

Had me at Deathstroke.