My Idea About A Live Action Take On Amethyst: Princess Of Gemworld

I always liked Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld and it would be interesting to see a true fantasy world like Gemworld on screen.

It would be a traditional take on the character heavily inspired by the original comic series and not it’s more light-hearted continuations afterwards. I love those versions differently, but Shazam already has the corner on family friendly fun with a fantasy hero, lets see a Amethyst tv series or movie do the opposite. Be a bit more darker.

It would be a fantasy epic akin to Lord of the rings about a ordinary girl discovering she is a princess in a magical world then getting sent there to reluctantly become a champion to save her people. I thought to incorporate the seven realms of magic from the Shazam movies as a way to contain the World of Gemworld as part of that seven realms. Where it can go in the narrative with themes like destiny and responsibility for others being put on someone would really be interesting to see play out with a young hero if it was a television show.


I got into this train of thought about Amethyst reluctance to being a hero from reading the 1985 sequel series to the original book. In that series, she doesn’t get to be happy in Gemworld or be Amy anymore despite all the selfless sacrifice she makes throughout. :disappointed_relieved:

That series was a downer.

I think it’s stories like that stay with me longer, with the heroes saving the day but not necessarily getting the happy ending you expect. It’s a bittersweet perspective, but I do enjoy them for making things more interesting.


I think this would be a great series! I like when lesser known characters get their chance to be featured. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see it happen someday.