My Green Lantern Reading Schedule, Suggestions

So I started reading comics a year ago and started with Batman and worked my way up to the new 52. I’m now going to start reading green lantern up to the new 52. I do plan on skipping a lot of the real old stuff because it seems that it got retconned. Here’s my list, let me know what you think and if I need to add more.

Original green lantern origins

First issue of sinestro

First issue of star sapphire

First issue of guy gardener

First issue of John Stewart

Hard traveling heroes

I’m debating on reading space traveling heroes, what do you think?

Tales of the green lantern corps 1-3

GL annual 1-2

GL issues around 150-172

Sector 2184 trades 1-3 (172-200)

Green lantern corps HC vol.1 beware their power

Also I noticed that green lantern corps starts around issue 200, I assume they just changed the name of the original Green lantern series to the green lantern corps?

Emerald dawn 1&2 ( already read)

Emerald twilight ( already read)

Parallax storyarc ( already read)

Zero hour ( already read)

Kyle rayner first storyarc

Final night ( already read)

Day of judgement ( already read)

Gl issues 144-150
(Maybe need to read other issues from that series? Suggestions?)

Last will and testament

Gl ion 1-12

Gl rebirth (already read)

Infinite crisis (already read)

Gl recharge

Green lantern corps

Gl Jeff johns omnis 1-3

Gl blackest night

Final crisis (already read)

Gl brightest day

I have a few trades like passing the torch I’ll probably read as well.

If there is anything else you can recommend let me know.

I’m also using the comic book hearald and comic book reading orders website too but they leave a lot out

One issue I have is how Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1 has back up stories form issues Green Lantern #148, 151-154, 161, 162 And 167 but I noticed they aren’t on the DC universe app. Does anyone know if that’s because they were reprinted in another book?

Also what about the dark stars series? I know nothing about them.


I’m reading through Green Lantern right now too, and your list is really well put together. I think you should have some more Kyle Rayner stories in there though, I just finished his solo series the other day and it’s great the whole way through.


Well I have the trade where he first becomes green lantern, I also plan on reading a few key story arcs like 144-151 and also the ion series. I also have another trade, I think it’s called passing the torch, it has alan Scott in the story.

I’ve also already read About 20 or so issues of Kyle rayner green lantern stories and also read every single teen titans/ titans issue of every series up to flash point And the entire JLA run of the late 90s early 2000s. so I’ve read a lot of his team books

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That’s cool, I’m just saying his solo series has some pretty great arcs.


That’s a daunting list — I consider myself a GL fan, and I’ve only read a fraction of that so far — bit I think it’s fairly well selected (based on my limited knowledge, obvi).


I’m glad you’ve got Emerald Dawn on the list. That’s some good reading.


I consider emerald dawn 1&2 the same story though. Luckily the trade I have has both stories in it.

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It’s not that much. I’m not even touching new 52 and onward. I think that will get me the basics of the GL universe. I leaving out a lot of pre 200s issues.

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Have you ever read the new green lantern corps by Chuck Dixon? It’s a 2 book

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Is that the one where Kyle leaves earth to start the gl corps again? I want to, but it hasn’t been digitized yet.

Emerald Dawn to this day one of my absolute Favorites

I assume you mean both of them? I know there is 1&2 but I consider them one story

It really is for the most part. Part 2 was more a part 2/continuation vs. a sequel so yeah I’d tend to agree with ya there

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You need to add Princes of Darkness. It is my favorite Green Lantern storyline.


It’s a JSA story

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It is, but it’s all about Alan Scott (The original Green Lantern) and his relationship with his kids, specifically Obsidian.


As long as it’s Golden Alan Scott. Don’t care much For “Swamp Lantern” :joy: … always thought that was a unnecessary change to his original counterpart

My favorite Green Lantern series is Rebirth’s Green Lanterns. Don’t worry about reading it out of order with the others, it focuses only on the efforts of two fresh rookies trying to protect the Earth and Hal Jordan or any of the other Lanterns only occasionally appear in a guest appearance capacity.

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