My Greatest Adventure (2011-2012) & Weird Worlds - We Hardly Knew Ye

Hi everybody,

It is with deep sadness we must inform you that we have removed the following two titles from the service:

  • My Greatest Adventure 2011-2012
  • Weird Worlds

We enjoyed it while it lasted, but unfortunately we are no longer able to keep them. The licensing expired on these, but we hope that you were able to get some time with them.

While they may not be DC’s most popular titles, we honor them nonetheless. Please join us in giving them a proper send-off.

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Very interesting… I wonder why? Did Tanga revert back to her creators or something?



Farewell My Greatest Adventures and Weird World.:pensive::disappointed: Gone but never forgotten.

That is really interesting. I wonder who owns the licensing to them.

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The most proper send off I can give. The 1st pics ever posted from any of my “infamous “ notebooks that I track my comic reading & ratings in. Please excuse the 2nd grade handwriting. I don’t use my good penmanship on things solely for me cuz I can read my own handwriting, even when it’s that bad.


Weird Worlds was an anthology series featuring Tanga, Garbage Man, and Lobo. My Greatest Adventure featured Tanga, Garbage Man, and Robotman. One imagines Lobo and Robotman can’t be the problem.

I know that Kevin Maguire developed Tanga independently and was persuaded to use her as a DC character. Maybe there was a limited time on that deal which reverted now that the character hasn’t been used in… 8 years?


I actually loved both as u can see they both earned a great. Only the best ones receive an awesome or an unreal.


I like your grading system.
So . . .
No Comment At All
*One of the Best Reads Ever

  • (only the cream of the crop earns this grade)
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So @Applejack, I take it licensing issues is the biggest reason for the rotating library: Books, Movies, etc.?

Yes that’s it. Also there’s no comment at all & ok. Ok is below good no comment at all means I didn’t like it. There’s also the very illusive one of the best reads ever which only the cream of the crop have earned.

I stand (and revised) corrected :slightly_smiling_face:

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No. You were absolutely correct. I just didn’t give u all the info. to guess the entire rating system. You had the ones I told u in the correct order tho, & you couldn’t have known what wasn’t offered.

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I really enjoy anthology books, and dont understand why there aren’t more of them. I enjoyed both of these series, especially the Garbageman stories.

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Those were fun books back when they came out.

Its a bummer they’re not here anymore, but those series can easily be found in print for anyone looking to read them who has yet to do so.

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But now I only have 23,000+ books to read instead of 23,012+:sob:!


Those were pleasant comics. I really thought that Matt Kindt riff on Robotman was pretty fun.

I think I’m down to 22,999 :rofl:

IGN uses a similar scale. A 3 aweful 4 is bad, 5 mediocre, 6 okay, 7 good, 8 great, 9 amazing, 10 Masterpiece. (I’ve never seen a 1 or a 2 in my time reading IGN so I don’t remember what they are off the top of my head.)


Just to be clear, this scale belongs to @dago-mage, I’m just using it, too, cause it sounded so cool.

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All are welcome to it, thank u for appreciating my high tech grading system patent pending.