my first high end collectible

I finally pulled the trigger and got my first what I would consider high end collectible. I fell in love with this the first time I saw it at Comic-Con and knew if I were to ever fork over the money for a sideshow piece, I would start with this one. @AppleJack if you see this, I told you it would be mine some day haha.


Here’s a small portion of my collection. If anyone’s interested.


Hey that looks just like me after I cut the grass! :joy:

Seriously thought super congrats! they have this guy at my comic shop, he is a beast!

Shout out to Memory Lane Comics in Wilmington N.C. (which is where ST was filmed along with countless other great shows and movies)


Beautiful! You’ve got good decorating taste.

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Congrats on the acquisition! One doesn’t need to be a Swamp Thing fan to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship on this piece. Amazing :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok…I want the Roger Rabbit on the bottom :slightly_smiling_face:. Mind if I ask where you got it? Also, who’s holding up a plane next to Swamp Thing?

@moro that’s the injustice collectors edition statue so that would be Wonder Woman about to throw Superman’s spaceship at Batman. As for Rodger rabbit I got it when it originally came out so while I don’t remember specifically where it was a pretty easy find because anywhere that has funko pops had it. I have a good size pop collection as well with mostly DC.

I am just going to say this. Being a big Swamp Thing fan I would like to own that

Thanks @reload. I think I know what my second pop is gonna be :slightly_smiling_face:

@animalperson yea the lighting and photo don’t do it justice but it’s absolutely huge almost two feet and just an awesome take on the character design.

For some reason my comment got deleted, but i was wondering how much that cost? Its so sweet.

That is stunning, @reload! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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It’s stunning

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I’ve never bought one of these high end statues before, but if DC ever puts out one for The Question, I’m doomed.

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Swampy looks amazing.

Holy Smokes that’s cool

@Lexcorp a pretty penny but luckily it is on the lower end price wise for most of the work sideshow puts out And standing at almost 2 feet tall this thing is a monster.

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Really cool!

@Lexcorp Sideshow’s website has it listed as $800 and limited to 500 pieces.

@beagle thanks dude!