My Favorite Stories from...Wonder Woman Black and Gold

I’ve been thinking of putting the spotlight on some of these anthology books that DC puts out. Can’t do a proper comic review like I would normally approach them. But I’m going to do something of a test run with this special limited series. Today, I present to you my personal favorite stories from Wonder Woman Black and Gold!

Issue 1 - The Wager

I already talked about this story once before (shameless promotion for my other thread which can be viewed HERE), but I’ll just go over it again briefly. Diana is interrogating a suspect and she ends up telling a story of how the Lasso of Truth was created and how it works. It is the most terrifying version of Diana’s Lasso and remains my favorite interpretation. In fact, I kinda bought a physical copy of this entire series just based on this one story. Seriously, all WW fans need to check it out!

Issue 2 - Without Love

Admittedly, I think this is the weakest of the 6 issues. Not that these stories are bad by any means. It’s just I have more nitpicks with these stories, which are connected to my own tastes. Regardless, I still recommend this story. It’s very to the point with nothing complex in it. But it touches on the structure of a lot of great Wonder Woman tales and is still a solid reminder of why Diana will always keep fighting.

Issue 3 - We Built A New World

This story goes over how Diana and Steve Trevor first met and how their lives unfolded when Diana went with him to Man’s World. It’s narrated by Hippolyta as she talks about her concerns and fears of what Diana will have to deal with out in a drastically different society. But it also shows how despite whatever hardships her daughter went up against, Hippolyta was glad that she and Steve had each other. I’ve often said I’m pretty neutral about Steve Trevor as a love interest. But this is one of those stories that makes me appreciate his importance and shows why the two are great together. Might as well tag @SteveTrevor2.0 because I know they will be happy to hear me say that.

Issue 4 - Prayer

Another direct and short story similar to “Without Love”, this shows Diana caring and showing respect to a magical beast she was forced to kill to protect a family. I’m a sucker for any story that remembers Diana’s connection to nature and animals.

Issue 5 - Feet Of Clay

In this take on Diana’s origin, Antiope stayed with the Themyscirans but left her post as General when Hippolyta started pushing for her wish to have a child of clay. We see a young Diana pester a retired Amazon General and eventually starts training the young princess and even bond with a creature she once didn’t care for. When the time came to choose an Amazon Champion and Diana was told she was forbidden to compete, Antiope encouraged her to shape her destiny and gave her the means to enter without being recognized.

Issue 6 - Attack of the 50 Foot Wonder Woman

By far the most comedic of my choices, in case the title of this story didn’t tip you off. Giganta and Diana switch powers and we follow Giganta as she finds herself protecting a town from Diana’s out-of-control rampage. Instead of doing the normal brawl, Giganta takes a page from Diana’s book and talks her down instead. Giganta does end up going back to prison, but it ends on a sweet note of how Diana doesn’t hate anyone from her Rogues Gallery and wishes for them to grow as people. And the events of this story prove that Diana’s hopes are well-placed, even if the journey is a long one.

So…those are the stories I like the most. But there are still plenty of great ones in here! Go one and check them out!


Thanks for the tag! I agree that this series is a must-have and I bought the hardcover the second it came out. It is also a perfect series to dive in for someone who might not be familiar with Wonder Woman outside of the Justice League.

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I haven’t read any of the Black and Gold series. The covers look amazing.


Agreed, they truly are phenomenal