My Favorite Moment in DC Power: A Celebration 2023 (Spoiler)

Several story moments in DC Power were my favorite however I was glad one of them is Batwing and Vixen in a relationship.

While I never thought to put these two together, I’m so glad it happened. Both characters have such fun personalities and been my favorites for a while now. I am so excited to see more of these two underrated heroes together in the future!

Batwing; Luke Fox has been under the radar for some time following the events of Joker war and I am Batman series pushing him away from his family in New York and the larger Bat-family in Gotham.
His most recent development was as a secondary protagonist in a Harley Quinn arc that had him forgone Batwing mantle, but this story seems to imply that he has still use for the suit after all.

Meanwhile Vixen, while not canonical to prime earth, was also changed in another Harley Quin series; The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour, where she was a bisexual woman in a relationship with a woman. Wouldn’t mind a bisexual Vixen in prime earth, but I am glad the events presented here gave Vixen an interesting dynamic with someone like Batwing.

It’s great it highlights two black superheroes, giving us a new hero couple, but to see this relationship develop further where each will hopefully play a prominent role in 2023.


Not sure how I feel about this… I always thought Luke was a much younger hero than Vixen, like Nightwing’s age. He used to date Barbara Gordon.


Comic books and their timelines are certainly interesting aren’t they?

Vixen was introduced in 1981 and Batwing Luke Fox in 2013. Different eras in comics, but I argue Batwing and Vixen ages, right now, aren’t too far apart in the post-flashpoint/infinite frontier universe where it would be consider odd.
At best, I’ll believe Mari might be 5-6 years older than Luke, but don’t think that gap wouldn’t matter as both are obviously adults.


I suppose I think of Vixen as a contemporary to Batman, as a full member of several Justice Leagues.


I’m very curious to know if this will have any impact going forward. A lot of these anthologies are treated by DC as sort of dumping grounds, while others are treated as expensive catalog commercials of upcoming stories.


I’ll also admit… I kinda shipped Luke Fox with Jean-Paul Valley after their Detective Comics run together.

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This will apparently be a ongoing story in the future. The last panel has to be continued in the bottom right of the screen.

The story hints that Vixen and Batwing are working on stopping a assassination plot of a world leader in Africa where Luke has established a base in the African Congo.

Already love that concept alone, but that Black Manta is involved as their antagonist is going to be extra fun. I don’t know why but I am hoping it’s going to be a fun spy action storyline with cameos from other African superheroes.

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Maybe it’ll give us an opportunity to catch up with David Zavimbe, the original Batwing.

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I would absolutely read a Vixen/ Batwing book along the lines of this story. Loved it, and agreed it was the highlight of the book.

I’d place Vixen maybe 5 years older than Luke - not a big deal IMO.

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Good to know, thanks! The story already sounds more interesting than the unfortunate mess of Harley Quinn Task Force XX. Batwing deserved better than he’s gotten since Tynion Tec ended. :frowning:

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