My favorite harley quinn moments

There are too many to pick from, but I loved the zingers and sight gags that happen. One of them ws when Dr. Psycho called Wonder Woman and later Giganta the “C”-word (which is bleeped out)…and everybody and everything stops in shock. Another is when Harley is dropped in a vat of “acid” upon discovering Joker never really loved her. The acid turns out to be margarita mix (150 gallons of it), as the Riddler reminds Poison Ivy it would have worked better if she had a Costco card, in which Ivy said she doesn’t shop there enough in which the card would pay for itself.


Just about anything from Bane

“I’m going to blow up this bar mitzvah”

“The streets will run with razzy-zazzy!”


I loved the whole chase scene down the Harley Quinn Highway. Also the whole plot arc of Ivy and Kite Man’s romance was genuinely heartwarming to me.

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