My DC Wishlist

Is there something you’ve been wishing for from DC? It could be anything you’re wanting that is presently unavailable.

Please make all posts in this thread positive ones. It’s not a place to complain, merely a wish list!

  • The ever-elusive Infinity Inc. Omnibus
  • A new JSA comic series
  • A JSA animated series for DCU

What would you like to see?

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OK, if we all get 3 wishes, here’s mine:

  • Dennis O’Neil’s The Question Omnibus
  • Barbara Gordon returns as Oracle
  • DC invests more money and effort in original animation quality

This is less so original wishes, but I would love for DCU to finish uploading Green Arrow (1988) onto the service.

As for wishes, can I wish for Connor Hawke back, haha? If not, I would actually like more trade paperbacks of older comics. And a new Green Arrow ongoing.

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I wish for the following:

  1. The Mike Grell Green Arrow Omnibus actually gets printed
  2. DC to re-solicit the John Byrne Man of Steel Omnibus
  3. DC offer a Longbow Hunters Absolute
  4. DC offer a Warlord Omnibus (please, please)
  • An animated adaptation of at least the first 2 years of Injustice: Gods Among Us - either a movie series or show
  • The DCEU channels its recent success into finally realizing an interconnected cinematic universe that rivals the MCU in both critical and commercial success
  • Supercorp (Kara and Lena) becomes canon on Supergirl

A Morgaine le Fey action figure or statue. Madame Xanadu as well. Unless they’ve recently made a Xanadu, but I don’t think they did? A JSA animated series as well & a JLD (live-action) movie or live action show.

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  • A Justice League series that uses a similar premise to Justice League Unlimited. (Specifically, with a roster of basically everybody who’s anybody and rotating focus on smaller groups of heroes.)
  • As usual, I’m with HCQ: Babs. Oracle. Make it happen.
  • A Flash video game.