My DC Universe Related FanDome Predictions

By all accounts, DC seems set to have an abundance of announcements ready for DC Fandome in August. Among these, we are almost certain to see WB Montreal’s new Batman game, but I’m most excited for a bunch of other potential announcements, especially ones for our beloved platform.

DC Universe Shows:

DC Universe has a lot of BIG shows wrapping up and not a super clear plan for the second half of 2020 and 2021. Most of this confusion right now is due to Covid. Titans Season 2 started in August if I recall correctly, but due to Covid hasn’t gotten to start filming. So if I had to guess I would expect the following announcements:

Doom Patrol Renewed for Season 3

  • This is a near guarantee. The show has gotten bigger thanks to HBO MAX and by all accounts it’s just as good as season 1. Probably slated for q3 of 2021.

Harley Quinn Renewed for Season 3

  • While Season 1 and 2 were back to back thanks to a 26 episode order, Season 3 has not been announced publically yet. However, this show has been a critical gem and a fan pleaser and will likely be more than safe to continue and thrive. However the release date is a big question mark. The series started work on the 26 episode order in 2016 and took 3ish years to begin releasing. However, because it’s animated it might be able to come out sooner. Probably Q2 of 2021

Stargirl Season 2 renewal

  • Stargirl Season 1 took roughly 2 years to complete which makes Season 2 seem a little less likely, however, it seems like there are a lot of Season 2 teases already seeming to be in Stargirl like the Green Lantern. Plus with so many young adults with powers and so much potential character development, I have a hard time believing that we won’t get a second season. Just expect it to be slated for late 2021/early 2022.

Harley Quinn joins HBO Max

  • I know we’ve been told that Doom Patrol is the only DC Universe show going to HBO Max, but the show had such positive reception for the show and HBO Max’s launch wasn’t great. I have a hard time believing that Warner won’t use the show to boost HBO Max

Titans Season 3 teaser/info

  • This will probably include more details on the villain (most likely Blackfire) and casting reveal to give us a sense of where season 3 is going. However, be aware, there will be no footage to show. We may get a logo and a CG’d photo or two.

BizarroTV Trailer:

  • It’s unclear what Bizarro TV actually is, but my understanding is that there are some animated parts to it which we may see a bit of

All-Star Games Season 2:

  • It’s quite possible this is DC Universe’s plan for August because it is easy-ish to make over the internet. If this is the case then Season 2 will be happening during FanDome which means we probably won’t hear anything about it. If it isn’t the august plan, then I’d expect an announcement here.

Young Justice Season 4 release date.

  • I’ve been convinced for a while now that this show wouldn’t happen until early 2021 because of the season JUST wrapping up in July. However, DC Universe will be starved for content soon as filming hasn’t been happening, so I’d expect not only a trailer, but also a part one release date.

Don’t expect DC You Unscripted News

  • The shows have already been announced and discussed in panels, however, it’s possible we will get official logos for the pilots and maybe some concept art?

A new live action show and a new animated show

  • DC Universe is rumored to be developing a new Titans Spin-off probably either for Hawk and Dove or Red Hood. While I’m hoping for a red hood, hawk and dove did have a backdoor pilot, so if I had to guess we will get a hawk and dove announcement. While this is a far shot, Covid has resulted in animated shows becoming a little more popular as they are the only thing really able to be made right now. I’m hoping for a GL: TAS Season 2, but it’s unlikely.


  • Outside of some smaller movies, the entire cast of Krypton hasn’t been SUPER busy which makes me wonder… Maybe a Krypton Season 3 surprise??? This is just a fever dream though. #savekrypton The biggest argument against this is that one of the two creators of Krypton is writing Sandman and Masters of the Universe for Netflix right now and may be busy. However, that doesn’t mean a season 3 can’t be in early pre-production.

I’m have more of these predictions out in the next couple weeks discussing: Comics, Video Games, Movies, the CW, and more.


The one thing I’ll disagree with is the Harley Quinn Q2 2021 prediction… according to the showrunners, Season 3 hasn’t even been greenlit yet. If they’re holding the announcement for Fandome, then work hasn’t even started on it. Animated shows take a LONG time to make. If Season 3 is announced, I wouldn’t expect it until 2022.


Hopefully we will get casting news for Barbara Gordon in Titans.


Coronavirus seems to ruin everything, I’ll be happy to hear any good news. I really hope we get second season of Stargirl.:slightly_smiling_face:


I always wonder what showrunners actually know. Maybe he said it hasn’t been greenlit when it had. If DCU wanted to save that announcement, they would have told him to pretend it hasn’t happened yet. It’s like when video game developers hide sequel announcements.

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While actual timelines are anyone’s guess under current conditions, it think most of these predictions are likely whether we hear about them at FanDome or later.
DP season 3: yep
HQ season 3 and share with HBO Max: With reactions across the board, airing on cable, and a perfect fit for HBOMax, this seems a no brainer, but probably not as soon as you’re hoping
Stargirl season 2: As long as costs are in line, seems very likely
All-Star Games season 2: Perfect fit in every way for DCU. 100% we see more. I would like to see an expanded cast that includes a couple of fans too
Krypton season 3: Rao shine on us and grant this wish (unfortunately Rao proabably blew up with Krypton so not gonna happen.)