My "DC Latest Entry Points" list


I’m trying to come up with a complete list of “recent entry points” (within the last 2 years) for all ongoing DC titles. Luckily, DC has made this somewhat easy with the “Dawn of DC” initiative. I’ve put together a list and wanted to see if this looks correct (or if anyone has any suggestions).

Also, my focus was for “ongoing” series, but can anyone point out any mini-series that are closely tied to the ongoing series, that are thus “must reads” alongside the ongoing series? At any rate, here’s what I came up with:

Ongoing Series:

These are all the official “Dawn of DC” entry points:

Action Comics, starting with Issue #1051 (January 2023) - or better to go back to Philip Kennedy Johnson’s first issue (#1030 - May 2021)?
Catwoman 52 (January 2023) - but better to go back to writer Tini Howard’s first issue (Catwoman #39 - January 2022)
Superman #1 (February 2023)
Nightwing #102 (March 2023) - or you might go back Tom Taylor’s first issue (Nightwing #78 March 2021)
Harley Quinn #28 (March 2023)
Green Arrow #1 (April 2023)
Batman #135 (April 2023) - but better to go back to writer Chip Zdarsky’s first issue (Batman #125 - July 2022).
Batman: the Brave and the Bold #1 (May 2023)
Shazam #1 (May 2023)
Green Lantern #1 (May 2023)
Titans #1 (May 2023)
Poison Ivy #13 (June 2023) - or you might just go back to G. Willow Wilson’s first issue (Poison Ivy #1 - June 2022)
The Penguin #1 (August 2023)
Batman and Robin #1 (September 2023)
Birds of Prey #1 (September 2023)
Blue Beetle #1 (September 2023)
Green Lantern: War Journal (September 2023)
Wonder Woman #1 (September 2023)
The Flash #1 (September 2023)
Power Girl #1 (September 2023)

Other Ongoings not “Dawn of DC” yet:

Detective Comics #1062 (August 2022) - best to start with 1st issue written by “Ram V”.

And…that’s it? Have all other series switched to “Dawn of DC”?