My Adventures with Superman


Great episode.

Clark and Lois and Cat bachelor adventure. A fun Star and cool cameos from Blue Snowman Maya & Cloud. Hank returns. Definitely see him cyborging eventually. But Cat gets to Lois. Her confidence her after being abandoned by her dad again and with what cat said has got to making her not feel good enough for Clark.

Kara and Jimmy have a good time. They’re relationship here is nice. A lot of fun and nice moments.

Then the end. Kara is Zod and battles Supes. Crazy fight. But in the end captured.

Awesome™:+1: episode

Kara and Clark bind. Through memories and fun. Nice seeing them have fun together but then truth hits.

To brainiac such a cool way they did him. As Krypton’s AI trying to do what they failed to. The father figure to Kara. His menacing I’m smarter than you tone. All great. And the fight. The cool lantern monk. The thangarian para demon. Really cool stuff.

Then Kara find the truth and ready to turn only to meet the one and only Jimmy Flamebird​:sweat_smile: with Lois Brain and Mala.

Think next episode is going to focus on how they got there.

How did they get there? Will Clark be saved? Is Kara going to turn good? All this and more Same :00_superman1:uper Time Same :00_superman1:uper Channel


Humanizing Livewire and Heatwave, awesome, I mean they’re still very much criminals, but now there’s more to them than just being villains we see every few episodes. I hope Lex Luthor becomes more devious, right now he’s just a lackey and Lex Luthor is not supposed to be anyone’s lackey, the same goes for freaking Deathstroke.


I mean, Deathstroke is a mercenary. It’s technically his whole job to be a lackey.


Yeah, but other versions he’s been his own character. Like in Arrow.


Sure, there’s room for plenty of interpretations. But, classically, Slade is a man for hire. Even in Arrow he started as an Australian soldier who altered the course of his life for a grudge against Ollie.


The grudge was a pathetic joke by the show, but I do get what you mean, its true. He’s just supposed to be a threatening figure, whether he’s good or bad, and here he and Luthor are acting like bratty children to Waller.


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Great episode. Jimmy and Lois work though issues of abandonment while talking how they’ll treat Kara.

Heatwave and Livewire were great. Especially Livewires expressions throughout :laughing:.

Nice to see Mala and Brian back. Fun as always.

And Lex moving up. His and Slades rivalry continues. Interesting.

They meet Kara. Her and Jimmy are great. Very sweet stuff.

Clark getting mercied by Brainiac. Cool take on the black mercy. And now a new brainiac Supes design. Looks cool. Crazy fight and now Clark trap in false memories and Lois off to save him

Can they save Clark? What will Brainiac do now as Supes? What happening back on earth while they’re gone? All this and more Same :00_superman1:uper Time Same :00_superman1:uper Channel

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It’s so weird that I found Clark’s Braniac look to be so badass, LOL.


I’m so glad I’ve been enjoying these past few episodes, I was worried that yet another Kryptonian show would let me down like Krypton Season 2 where they acted as if Seg-El and Nyssa weren’t developing feelings for each other and Supergirl after Season 2 and all the crap they pulled.

Kara this episode reminded me of Diana in the Wonder Woman movie where she couldn’t fathom humanity being at war with each other, here it was Kara thinking her adoptive father was malfunctioning and wasn’t actually evil.

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I love having this enjoyment feeling back!! This episode was so intense and that cliffhanger! Lex in this show though, they’ve really screwed him up, he’s a freaking henchman!

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I absolutely love the new suit!!

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