My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Spoiler Discussion Thread

This was such an intense Season Finale!! The reveal of The General being Lois’ dad was underwhelming because it became obvious, and not to mention last week when they said his name really quickly. Now Braniac and Zod being revealed was pretty cool, though I had hoped it was only Braniac but it’s fine.


Underwhelming, yes. But putting it in the context of a Thanksgiving dinner was fun.

I also enjoyed Jimmy’s “I’m rich. Pass the yams.”

Good show. I’m in for a second season.


This show has been great so far! It’s been a little predictable at points but still somehow extremely refreshing. Super excited for a season 2!


Welcome back to the community @slackattack1994! :partying_face: I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying the show. Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :superman:


The way Lois panics about her dad is so great! :sweat_smile:


The first season has come to a close.

Overall, I think this was…good. Not great or really good, but just good.


I missed the last 2 episodes. I have to catch up. I think the show is pretty good overall. I am looking forward to another season.

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Has anyone else gotten caught up on the new season? This week’s episode was wild!

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There’s another thread for Season 2 but no one uses it, so the Season 2 talk is happening in the one with the trailer for Season 1.

I am zulmara5.38205, just so there’s no confusion. Something weird happened and I couldn’t fix it so I had to do this, but I am not a new person.

I fixed it!! I’m back to normal!

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