Musical References in DC

Superman #44: Barnes & Barnes- The Fish Song.

Hawkman #28: Bob Dylan- Dirt Road Blues.

Hawkman #35: Madonna.

Batman: Fortress #1: Wheels on the Bus.

Alice Cooper- School’s Out. & Alice himself named.

Detective Comics #1060: Eminem- The Real Slim Shady (inferred).

@bigblock66 found another one of our dude. Recent HOF inductee. It’s on HBO MAX right now. I was waiting forever. I watch em every year since they’ve started airing em. Not being biased, -& of course, it’s a shame they don’t let obvious artists in sooner so they can actually still sing the same. But, regardless, Eminem completely blew the roof off of the place of course. Stole the show, amazing!!! He did like half a bar on Lose Yourself then went straight into Rap God. I was like…he’s starting with Rap God? Such a tough song to rap, incredible…

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Oh yeah. Everything Em does is awesome!
I was so excited to see him get what he is due.
Love the comic book reference.
I remember reading a Punisher comic that he starred in as well.

A lot of people, who don’t really know Eminem very well, don’t realize that he is a Huge superhero fan. When he was a kid he drew a lot of superheroes, and is actually a really good artist.
And so many of his songs have superhero references, etc.
but yeah, I’m so super happy he is in The Rockin Roll Hall of Fame now. Where he belongs!

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Yep. I posted almost verbatim what u just said on DC references in other Properties early on when I was listening to him on Amazon music. I was like hey, I can just shoot a pic while it’s playing & he’s got tons of DC references. Marvel too but mainly DC. That Punisher is amazing btw!!! Never saw that b4.

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Yeah. The punisher one is soooooo funny.

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DCU By Neil Gaiman #1: Bruce Springsteen, & The Beatles.

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Resurrection Man #22: Annette Funicello- JoJo The Dog Faced Boy poster. (as a Mouseketeer).

Resurrection Man #23: Talking Heads!!!

Resurrection Man #24: George Thorogood- Bad to the Bone, & Kidsongs- Them Bones.

JSA Classified #29: Audrey Hepburn- Moon River. Henry Mancini, & Johnny Mercer.

Detective Comics #602: Bob Seger- Night Moves.

Wonder Woman #178: Pantera, & Dog Eat Dog- All Boro Kings album/poster.