Munchie Mondays: Team Building Appetizers!

Congrats to both @toonatonian and @OverSizedGeek, who BOTH claimed last week’s title of Kent’s Kitcheneer!

Got a favorite recipe from Negative Man? Can you bake a pie as good as Martha Kent’s? Ever had a dream of opening your own DC themed restaurant? Like showing off how good (or bad) your food looks? Just… enjoy food?

Ready those ovens, dust off those aprons, and get ready to make some grub! Create your way to the top and be featured as Kent’s Kitcheneer in our news section!


  1. Every Monday, I’ll post a new recipe for you to try in honor of a specific theme or character.
  2. DC it Up! Give it a DC inspired name, take a picture with a collectible or book of its inspiration, or bake an image right into it!
  3. Create the recipe right in your own DC Kitchen!
  4. Post your results here in this thread! Good and bad, we want those pictures!
  5. Let us know what we should do next week by voting below.



Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get intense in the kitchen! Get some friends or family together and make it a real team building experience!

Last week, y’all voted for some scrumptious appetizers:


Feel free to use the recipe below, or make up your own! This is kitchen creativity, my friends!

Tamaranean Prepared Bacon Wrapped Peaches

Creates roughly 25 peach slices


  • 1 29 oz can of peaches in 100% juice (Or 4 fresh peaches)
  • 12 oz bacon (Or your fave bacon substitute!)
  • 13 large basil leaves
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic glaze (Store-bought or homemade)


  • Set a grill to low heat and preheat for 10 minutes or so, brush the grill grates with a paper towel dabbed in olive oil.
  • Drain peaches and set them aside
  • Tear one large basil leaf in half lengthwise and then horizontally. Place one small basil lead on each side of the peaches.
  • Wrap each peach slice and basil leaves with a slice of bacon. Pin the loose end of the bacon slice with a toothpick. Repeat with remaining peaches.
  • Brush the bacon wrapped peaches lightly with olive oil so the bacon doesn’t stick to the grill. Grill the peaches until the bacon is cooked, turning so all sides are evenly cooked.
  • Transfer to a serving platter and remove toothpicks. Drizzle with store-bought or homemade balsamic glaze.
  • Serve hot or at room temperature.

Voila! A beautiful appetizer full of class and pizzazz! Just like our favorite Tamaranean Princess! (Don’t worry if it’s a little uh… charred?)

Post your pictures in the comments below! We’ll be picking our favorite to feature in the news section once a month. Get that Kent’s Kitcheneer title!

What should we make next week?

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  • Pudding

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Super! Wow! Super Super! That looks scrumdillyicious! Yum Yum Yum!