Munchie Mondays: Playful Puddin’

Got a favorite recipe from Negative Man? Can you bake a pie as good as Martha Kent’s? Ever had a dream of opening your own DC themed restaurant? Like showing off how good (or bad) your food looks? Just… enjoy food?

Ready those ovens, dust off those aprons, and get ready to make some grub! Create your way to the top and be featured as Kent’s Kitcheneer for the month in our news section!


  1. Every Monday, I’ll post a new recipe for you to try in honor of a specific theme or character.
  2. DC it Up! Give it a DC inspired name, take a picture with a collectible or book of its inspiration, or bake an image right into it!
  3. Create the recipe right in your own DC Kitchen!
  4. Post your results here in this thread! Good and bad, we want those pictures!
  5. Let us know what we should do next week by voting below.

Harley Quinn!
Get sweet and go crazy! Just… not too crazy. Keep it safe and within the kitchen, folks! Put the mallet down! Puddings don’t need mallets… or bats!

Last week, y’all voted for that sweet, but sometimes savory treat:


Here’s this week’s example recipe:

Harley’s Clownin’ Around Puddin’


  • 1 5.1 oz package vanilla instant pudding (Or other flavor of pudding you can food color!)
  • 3 cups cold milk (Make sure to double check this with the pudding box, just in case!)
  • 1 can of whipped topping
  • Red and blue food coloring (gel works best!)
  • Red and blue sprinkles


  • In a large bowl, whisk milk and pudding together until there’s no lumps left (about 2 mins)
  • Pour half of the pudding into another container
  • Tint one container’s pudding red, and the other blue
  • Take a muffin tin and six small cups. Place each cup in one of the muffin tin openings at an angle
  • As evenly as you can, pour the blue pudding into each cup so it’s almost spilling out and angled
  • Place the muffin tin with the cups carefully into the fridge and let them set for about 20 mins. Place the red pudding in the fridge around the same time for it to thicken
  • Remove both puddings from the fridge. Stir the red pudding and then stand the cups upright. Spoon the red pudding into each cup.
  • Add some shipped topping, then decorate with Harley-tastic sprinkles!

Post your pictures in the comments below! We’ll be picking our favorite to feature in the news section every month. Get that Kent’s Kitcheneer title!

What should we make next week?

  • Lasagna
  • Layered Dips

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Hey @BestBeastBoy, the food picture look good! Maybe DC should have their own food show on here, like Food Network! :pancakes::spaghetti::ice_cream::cookie::cup_with_straw::plate_with_cutlery:, I can see it now, DC Universe present, Negative man’s Kitchen.:slightly_smiling_face:


I really like this idea a lot! I wish I had the time to come up with something for this tread.


@Reaganfan78 That would be so cool! Especially if it could show off some of the cool stuff y’all make! :star_struck:

@brad.gregory If you want to participate but don’t have time to come up with your own stuff, that’s what the recipe is there for! Work it into your normal dinner or desert routine and it’s a cinch! :green_heart:


Pretty pudding cups! This method reminds me of one night when I made HQ themed jello shots. I used the same technique to angle the colors. It turned out quite boozey.


This is fanfuckingtastic! Besides my affinity for all things justice, my true joy is created culinary delights. Count me in homie!

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Oh my granny goodness @BestBeastBoy that looks scrumdillyicious! Harley totally approves! :harley_hv_3: The DC Daily Thanksgiving episode did a bit of a food show @Reaganfan78! @Mr.marooned & I did submit a DCYou Pitch. The chef on DC Daily was Superb! The cast was really super too! I Loved It! Dish it Up @DCU Yummy Pudding is on my menu for tomorrow! It’ll be a super addition to all the holiday feast leftovers. Happy Holidays Super Fan Friends!


Congratulation for being seen on DC scripted, wasn’t sure how to post that part, anyway I’ve been busy and only watched the first 14 minutes of it. Next week will be back to normal and will continue the DC Daily shoutout to members. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am so glad to see you again @Reaganfan78 You are such a joy! Have a Super Day! :harley_hv_7:

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Thankyou @toonatonian, I really appreciated that. :slightly_smiling_face:

:harley_hv_2:Here we go super fans! A delightfully filling & joyously delishous pudding treat that superbly matches the premiere episode of the animated Harley Quinn. :harley_hv_1:
1st up. Raisin bread pudding (got chocolate chips at home, once you’ve watched ep.1 you know you got to add em to the mix) :harley_hv_3:
Next up, vanilla pudding Puddin’ :harley_hv_4:
Then, go all out Harley & Ivy & show some strawberries & some blueberries who’s boss of this show. Pulverize any redish berry (mullet, bat, :harley_hv_5:blender), rinse & repeat with any bluish berries separately.
Finally, plop some scoops of pudding on a platter for the new boss of this town. Top with a portion of the bread pudding. Drizzle, pour, splatter :harley_hv_6: some rightious pulverized berries over it & squeel in delight at that treat you dished out. Just like Harley will be dishin’ it out all season. Scrumdillyicious!


@toonatonian MARVELOUS!!! I’m loving the raisin bread pudding and chocolate chips reference. Beautiful.


& I am loving the new statue that was released for Black Friday by DCUniverse of Harley(TAS). :harley_hv_3: Looks like something I need ASAP!